Adamas University Inks Memorandum of Understanding with Sappho for Equality to Launch Certificate Course on Queer Discourse

Adamas University's Centre for Study of Contemporary Theory and Research (CSCTR) has recently formalized a partnership with Sappho for Equality, a prominent Kolkata-based NGO committed to championing the rights and social justice of individuals with non-normative gender and sexual orientations. The collaboration aims to introduce a transformative short-term certificate course titled "Queering the Discourse: Addressing Social Exclusion and Marginalization."

Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU), Sappho for Equality will play a pivotal role in co-designing the course curriculum, conducting workshop sessions, and offering internships to the top 10 participants upon course completion. The 35-hour program seeks to delve into the critical aspects of social exclusion and marginalization faced by gender and sexually marginalized individuals within society.

Sappho for Equality, established in 1999, boasts a track record of impactful collaborations, including previous engagements with St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, and workshops conducted at esteemed institutions such as Jadavpur University. The organization has been recognized for building bridges between normative and non-normative gender-sexual populations.

Adamas University sees this collaboration as an enriching opportunity for its students, research scholars, and faculty members to actively engage with Sappho for Equality on issues related to gender and queer discourse. Furthermore, the partnership extends the reach of Adamas University beyond its campus, facilitating interaction with students and scholars from other institutions working in the same field.

The MoU is set to span three years, with the course scheduled to be offered annually in January. The collaborative effort envisions providing an updated syllabus content each year to ensure the course remains relevant and aligned with evolving discourse on gender and sexual diversity.

This strategic partnership reflects a shared commitment to fostering inclusive education and advancing social justice, placing Adamas University and Sappho for Equality at the forefront of initiatives addressing issues of social exclusion and marginalization within contemporary society.