Adamas University Orientation Programme 2019

Stars Descent@Adamas Orientation 2019
Film Producer Viveck Vaswani calls for industry focused entertainment education while Tata Logistics Chairman gives recipe to enter the Tata Group
Kolkata, July 31, 2019

The 5th batch of Adamas University, based out of Barasat, had a roaring start with stalwarts on campus pitching with multifarious ideas addressing the 1200 strong new batch.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Sandipan Chakraborty, Chairman of TM Logistics of the Tata Group, called for a methodical approach with leadership and teamwork combined to be a part of a corporate giant like the Tatas. Alongside, the senior professor of management from Central Michigan University, US, Dr Debashish Chakravarty, spoke about 'ragging' to find hidden talent of the newcomers and explained learning to unlearn concept among other things. The Chancellor Prof Samit Ray brought to light the vision of global education in Bengal through Adamas, the French word meaning 'an uncut diamond'. The Vice Chancellor, Dr Madhusudan Chakraborty, introduced the university and its top functionaries to the newcomers.

Film producer and director, Viveck Vaswani, a Bollywood veteran from Mumbai, elucidated upon industry driven creative education and the roadmap for that. He also dwelt at length the emerging trends of web series and alternative distribution and business possibilities of meaningful cinema.

An Amazon corporate leader in customer services, psychologist Joy Chowdhury from Hyderabad, defined emotional intelligence and detailed how to nurture a strong EI and why, along with developing transformational leadership skills rather than merely transactional leadership in times of economic crisis and human resources crunch.
The global director of family business management program of the SP Jain group of business schools, coming from Dubai, Dr Parimal Merchant, emphasized the role of family businesses in running the wheel of the economy in India, cutting costs and ensuring growth, multi-tasking and taking real calculated risks in business.

Dr Jyotsna Yagnik, the former district chief judge of Ahmedabad, known for her verdicts against the culprits of post Godhra riots, explained the concept and the laws of human rights in India, and limitations in their practice in the country. She also dwelt at length all possible career options that can emerge from the study of law and justice.

An Iranian origin expert of cultural relations and women's rights, Najma Lashkarian Yazd, explained to the freshers concept of inter-cultural relations in the global context and how one can build empathetic relations with people beyond nationalities, cultures and geographies.

Former Group M Director in Australia and a corporate trainer, BR Venkatesh, explained what constitutes entrepreneurial skills, while serial entrepreneur Arijit Bhattacharya explained the same through a case-study of his Virtual Infocomm group of tech-based companies which are into gaming, augmented and virtual reality, etc.

The Kolkata Press Club President, Snehasish Sur, brought to light the world of journalism for the newcomers, while eminent geologist Dr Dhruba Mukherjee explained scientific approach to life as distinct from merely using and learning technology yet remaining unscientific in life.

The world of advertising was explored by Crow's Nest founder Samrat Mukherjee, documentary making exposed by national award winning film maker Malay Dasgupta, and life coach Debajit Sarkar taught ways and means of self-awareness and methods to nurture self-motivation.

The learners from schools of engineering, sciences, biotech, pharmacy, commerce, social sciences, media, education and law and justice had a happy blend of knowledge and fun through the orientation sessions.


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