Adamas University partnered with Elmax Systems & Solutions (ESS)

Adamas University rated by several organizations as the best university in the private sector in Eastern India has signed a project based Memorandum of Understanding, with Elmax Systems & Solutions ( ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and enlisted with MSME. Govt. of India) to develop a cloud based automated diagnostic tool to detect coronavirus disease using radiographs. This is the first ever attempt by any Indian University towards a cloud based AI enabled faster & low-cost solution to the problem based on Multiple Hypothesis Inference Criterion. (Google search engine and pre-prints) . The novelty is in a single point multi-hypothesis based faster detection of COVID-19 from Radiography images & other medical vital conditions with severity score tag for early detection of nCOVID-19 patients and necessary measures.   

The Automated Detection Tool developed by Adamas University and ESS aims to offer a valuable second opinion to the doctors and assist them in the screening process. This type of mechanism will provide results to the doctors quickly and in an efficient and accurate manner. Mr. Debashis Chakrabarti, CEO of ESS and alumni of IIT-Kharagpur said that, “In this software, we have developed an Artificial Intelligence based Technique for detecting COVID-19 on Chest Radiographs(X-Ray or CT Scans) ,other medical vitals like temperature , saturation percentage of Oxygen and even pathological data from Blood Routine Examination like Leukocyte, Lymphocyte & Neutrophil.” The technique would also act as an aid to the conventional RT-PCR based method to isolate the contracted individuals.

The project will see utilization of the techniques of data science and machine learning on radiograph images along with other parameters to successfully detect the COVID-19. The Principle-Investigator of the project Dr. Moumita Mukherjee, Associate Professor  & Dean (R&D) - Adamas University added that, “This software product is built around the same concept with some important additions that can conclude the presence of the stain. Our software can even predict the Stage of the COVID-19 Infection in terms of Opacity & Lung Consolidation. We have achieved 85% of accuracy level - we are trying hard to enhance that to something beyond 90%, so that the value could be enhanced from the market point of view”. Dr. Mukherjee will also be assisted by Mr. Debajit Sen, Head of Technical Projects, department of ESS and Mr. Swarnava Biswas, Ph.D. Research Scholar of Adamas University along with a group of Sr. Professors with medical background. The first phase of clinical validation of this software is already done with a large number of radiograph data from normal and affected patients where the team has received more than 80% accuracy level and work is going on for further optimization. We are trying to collaborate with Government sectors/health-sectors to get more data from COVID hospitals for the large-scale clinical trial of the software. In their words this software eliminates the false negatives and identifies the asymptomatic cases and other cases like Pneumonia, SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) etc. by making use of Multiple Hypothesis Inference Criterion. The Entire Test Procedural Time is ranged from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the modules chosen for the tests. Hence it may be viewed as a faster, lower cost complimentary detection tool for COVID - 19, which can even work on an OPD environment.

On this development Prof. Samit Ray, Chancellor, Adamas University said, “The journey of Covid-19 has gone through a lot of major developments for Adamas University. We have always tried to evolve and achieve which keeps us at par with other renowned universities during these challenging situations. I am extremely honored with this association. We have always tried to extend our support to the government in all forms and will continue the same in the long run. This situation is becoming more challenging. I would request perseverance from everyone so that we overcome this soon”.