Adamas University signs MOU with 6 top corporates


With an eye towards the future, Adamas University, Kolkata today signed 6 MoUs with industry stalwarts that will provide real-world exposure and opportunities for their students. 

Being a fresher in any industry, one often faces the challenge of putting what they learnt in classrooms and books, into actionable skills. From internships to research grants and more, these strategic partnerships will help bridge the existing industry-academia gap and build industry equipped leaders for tomorrow. 

“With these MOUs, Adamas University is entering into a different phase of corporate collaboration beyond merely internships and placements. Now industry will actively participate and facilitate applied research in their labs and technologies and engage in skilling the learners of the University to make them more suitable for productive work on finishing their courses. In turn, the University will also help the industry through field-based market survey and applied research.” – said Professor Samit Roy.

Here are some of the key details from the MoUs

  • Suraksha Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.– To aid future leaders in their vertical they will provide research labs and practices, among other things to support Doctoral Degree programs.

    User Department: SOLBT & SOMS of Adamas University
    Signing Authority- Dr. Somnath Chatterjee, Chairman & MD of Suraksha Diagnostics 


  • IBM India Pvt. Ltd.– From employability skill enhancement programs to learning path co-creation, and more, they will bring forth the latest software content, real-world industry experience, hands-on labs, and best practices to in an interactive and collaborative manner.

    User Department- SOET of Adamas University
    Signing Authority- Ms. Shefaly Dutta, Leader - Academic Partnership Northeast and Extd. Countries, IBM India Pvt. Ltd. – IBM Career Education


  • Larsen & Toubro Limited– Following the mantra of bridging the industry-academia gap, it aims to deliver a course content that is more application oriented and in-tune with future skills.

    User Department: SOET of Adamas University
    Signing Authority: Mrs. M F Febin, Head College-Connect Business


  • RPG Foundation (RPG Company Foundation)– With an emphasis on training they aim to provide an exposure to core software skills thereby, improving their basic concepts through real-time case studies and assignments in technologies via a combination of virtual, eLearning and physical classroom set-ups as per the program design.

    User Department- SOET of Adamas University
    Signing Authority- Mr. Gururaja Kulkarni, ESD Program Lead, Zensar (RPG Company) Technologies, Pune


  • Global Talent Track Foundation (GTTF)- GTTF will provide employability enhancement related activities through a blended learning model; and ultimately facilitate placement opportunities with themselves and their client/customer companies as well.

    Signing Authority- Mr. Vidit Chaudhary, Key Account Manager - Global Talent Track Foundation 


  • SattvaQ IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.– For aspirants keen to pursue further education abroad, SattvaQ will provide Lingua skill, Upskill and TKT exams in combination with a two-day workshop to help students prepare for the Cambridge English Exams.

    Signing Authority- Ms. Saraswathi Sudhakar, Head Business Development, SattvaQ IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.