Adamas University Summer School 2019

Adamas University Summer School 2019, which took place from 31st March till 7th April was attended by 17 participants from 7 countries, 4 continents, 9 universities. Among Participants there were 16 students and one faculty member. Students came from China, Morocco, Niger, Philippines, Poland, Russia and USA.

The school had been designed to provide international students with a fresh perspective of Indian history, culture, science and economy.

Here are experiences and emotions of few international students.
‘Students showed me how kindly, friendly, nice and helpful are people in India , especially in Adamas University. I made new friends and I hope we’ll meet all together again. Now I know that we look different but inside we are the same. Trip to Kolkata is one of the Best things, which happened to me in my whole life’.

Aleksandra Wysocka, Biotechnology, 3rd Year, Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland
‘While studying at Adamas University, I met a lot of great people from different countries. It was very interesting to learn something about their countries and about themselves.

In general, there were many bright interesting impressions ...
I was very comfortable in India, I did not feel any tension. This amazing country left in my heart the light of spiritual balance and harmony and I will try to keep it as long as possible ...’.

Alena Karaya, Linguistics students, Vitus Bering Kamchatka State University, Russia.
‘I would love to thank the Adamas University for this program and opportunity that have been presented to us. We have had so much fun; we have opened up to a new, stunning and mind-blowing culture, a culture of coexistence’.

Mehdi Jamari, B.A. English, University Mohamed V, Rabat, Morocco