Adamas University Takes Center Stage at IAU 2023 International Conference, Fostering Global Academic Collaboration for a Future of Academic Excellence

The International Association of Universities (IAU) successfully concluded its 2023 International Conference at Qatar University, focusing on the theme "Higher Education with Impact: The Importance of Intercultural Learning and Dialogue." Held from November 25 to 27, the conference provided a platform for global discussions on the crucial role universities play in fostering intercultural competence.

Universities, as melting pots of diverse perspectives, were hailed as key environments to cultivate intercultural understanding. The conference emphasized the significance of embracing diversity, fostering appreciation for differences, and preparing graduates for success in an interconnected world. This commitment to intercultural learning was seen as pivotal for nurturing values such as human rights, democracy, the rule of law, and the promotion of global peace. The IAU 2023 Intercultural Conference delved into the strategies employed by universities worldwide to promote and support intercultural learning and dialogue. Delegates examined the impact of geopolitics on these initiatives and explored broader societal implications.

Adamas University actively participated in the conference, contributing to global academic collaboration. Prof. (Dr) Samit Ray, Founder and Chancellor of Adamas University, joined the Conference and had a productive meeting with the other IAU Board Members. Prof. Ray along with Professor Suranjan Das, Vice Chancellor, Adamas University and Joint Director – International Relations and Director – University Operations, Adamas University engaged in discussions with eminent figures from Universities and associations of Nigeria, Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Mexico, Philippines, Canada, U.S.A, New York and Fiji.

These interactions marked exciting first steps toward a future characterized by enhanced academic excellence, global collaboration, and a deeper commitment to intercultural understanding. As universities continue to serve as catalysts for positive change, the impact of the IAU 2023 International Conference is expected to resonate across borders, fostering a more connected and harmonious global academic community.