Adamas University welcomes international delegation for its Global Summit

Adamas University will be holding the 1st edition of “Adamas Global Summit on Innovation in Higher Education: Beyond Boundaries”, scheduled on 22 April, 2022 at the Adamas Knowledge City, Kolkata. The Summit is expected to be a major event in Kolkata, where eminent academicians from the world’s leading universities and institutions will be addressing various sessions. They include members from Bath Spa University (UK), Izmir Institute of Technology (Turkey), University of Warsaw (Poland), Mohammed V University (Morocco) and many others.

The summit will witness a gathering of scores of thought leaders from around the world sharing a common interest in enhancing the quality, access and outcome of higher education by creating an ecosystem through global collaboration and innovation. The day will culminate with the formal inauguration of the Summit, by Hon’ble Chancellor of Adamas University, Professor Samit Ray. This will be followed by various plenary sessions held under the aegis of various Schools of the University, to be attended by the relevant Faculty and students. Each plenary session will have keynote addresses delivered by distinguished speakers of national and international repute. The broad themes of each plenary session have been carefully chosen in appropriateness to the pedagogy of the School.

The Global Summit is expected to add value to all attendees and open new vistas in the discourse of the day.