Adamas Winter Camp: Students gain unique experience

Adamas University recently organised a winter camp to offer high school students an exceptional and immersive learning opportunity while nurturing creativity, teamwork, and personal development. The camp provided accommodations, ensuring a well-rounded experience for participants from diverse schools across the state, including Don Bosco School, Kharagpur; Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani; Kalyani Public School, Barasat, and others. 

Attendees received valuable career guidance alongside opportunities to engage in various competitions and activities like the Karate workshop, dance faceoff, recitation competition, music competition, and many more. Moreover, the exceptional performers were rewarded with certifications.

Prof (Dr.) Samit Ray, Chancellor, of Adamas University, said that the Winter Camp was a testament to their dedication to holistic education, fostering academic excellence and vital life skills in an enjoyable setting.

Mr. Chandrajit Mitra, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Sales, at Adamas University, expressed excitement about relaunching the winter camp, providing a unique learning and creative platform for students' personal development.