CSR Club Venture

Diwali is a time when people lights up to eradicate the dark around and we hope that the darkness of our soul will be eliminated by our philanthropic work! We, who are significantly privileged in a society, must help the people in our community. Sometimes this type of social work elevates us to the height of satisfaction that brings salvation.

On 28th October, 2019, ADAMAS University & Samit Roy Foundation has arranged a social activity towards the inhabitants of the villages in & around the University. The idea was to offer “Bhog” to the inhabitants on the nearby villages on the auspicious occasion. The students & members of the team were gathered in front of the University campus Food Court at 10 AM in the morning. The journey started at 10.30 AM.

The buses and cars were moving forward through the Nilgunj road for the mission. We covered six villages. Those are Moch Pol (Purbapara & Paschim para both), Sadarpore, Jagganathpore, Barbaria, Sonakhurki, and Panchghara. All are located in Barasat I Tehsil of North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. Six teams visited the villages.

The students offered the food packets to the villagers with warmth & respect. In return the people showed the same to us. They enjoyed our move a lot. Their facial expressions showed the respect & love towards us as well as our University. The food packets are nothing but a token of appreciation towards the community we belong.

During the session a family offered us sweetmeats & water with warm regards and feeling of association. This is the bonus we got in the time when we all were tired! We must be grateful for their move. We explored the nice places, tasted the picturesque views of the villages. Those are also memorable bonus points we earned. We returned back to the campus around 1.30pm from the mission.

We must have social responsibility and that is why ADAMAS University formed the CSR Club to serve to the community it belongs. Corporate Social Responsibility is the area through which a particular organization can grow and reach to the tower of excellence! The activity of food distribution has been happening for years but the involvement of the students & the staff has increased this year. Actually the students are now very much enthusiastic about CSR activity as they are involved in the social responsibility club. Throughout the time they served food with great energy & smiling faces. They enjoyed the session. We, the employees of this University, also served the food with the students and enjoyed like them. We should always remember that we have to return back at least a little of our wealth, energy, ideas etc. to the society, we belong, as the society always provides us the opportunity to grow or flourish.

The students had enjoyed the recreation & also responsibilities through this CSR venture! The grand success will be a memorable experience for all of us. Through this initiative the identity, credibility & acceptability of SRF as well as the ADAMAS University will be increased more & more in the neighborhood!