Food Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop at Adamas University

The spirit of culinary innovation and entrepreneurship took centre stage at Adamas University on September 22, 2023, as the E-YUVA Centre, in collaboration with the School of Life Science & Biotechnology, organized an event titled 'Innovative, Healthy, and Functional Foods: An Entrepreneurship Development Workshop'. This unique workshop aimed to nurture creativity in food science, and culinary arts, and ignite the entrepreneurial spark among the youth of the region.

The event witnessed the presence of Mr. Indrajit Lahiri, affectionately known as 'Food-ka,' a renowned entrepreneur, food activist, and popular YouTuber and content creator. Alongside him were esteemed guests, including Prof. Naveen Das, Pro Vice Chancellor of Adamas University, Dr. Rudraprasad Saha, Dean of the School of Life Science and Biotechnology, and Dr. Saptarshi Chatterjee, Associate Director of Incubation at Adamas University.

Twenty-two enthusiastic teams enthusiastically showcased their culinary prowess by preparing and selling 'innovative foods' during the workshop. This hands-on experience not only allowed participants to generate revenue but also provided valuable insights into the intricate world of entrepreneurship. The fusion of science, art, and business received widespread appreciation from guests, speakers, and representatives from both the academic and business communities.

The participants were evaluated on various aspects of their creations, and several awards were presented to recognize their outstanding contributions. The 'Best Innovative Food' award, judged based on taste and aesthetic appeal, celebrated the fusion of creativity and flavour. The 'Best Scientific Content' award, determined through poster presentations, acknowledged the participants' commitment to the nutritional and scientific aspects of their creations. Lastly, the 'Best Start-up' award honoured the teams that demonstrated the most promising business acumen.

The 'Innovative, Healthy, and Functional Foods: An Entrepreneurship Development Workshop' at Adamas University succeeded not only in inspiring a new wave of culinary entrepreneurs but also in fostering the spirit of innovation and collaboration in the realm of food science and entrepreneurship. With events like these, Adamas University continues to be at the forefront of promoting education, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the region.