Global Educaton Leaders Hail COVID Battle of Bengal University

Chancellor Prof.(Dr.) Samit Ray of Adamas University recently received recognitions and appreciations by many leading reputed education organisations for his exceptional and timely contribution towards Covid-19. Educational institutes like Petra Christian University, University of Genoa, Ministry of Education and Science of UKRAINE state higher educational institutions, Daffodil International University, Rzeszow University of Technology certified Chancellor Prof.(Dr.) Samit Ray for his dedication towards humanity in such a crucial time.

Adamas University being a six year old entity, has responded to this global pandemic with élan. The report highlights how the university has quickly and radically altered its teaching, learning, evaluating activities during this crisis. It also captures how the university prioritized the safety of the students and decided to close the campus as early as 15th March 2020 onwards. It had immediately adopted a series of humanitarian measures which included contribution of Rs. 10 lakhs to the CM Relief Fund. Additionally the university offered its campus to be used as a quarantine center with a maximum of 1000 beds for isolated persons, along with quarters for doctors and health professionals despite being a non-medical university. The university took full care of the food and logistics of the persons who were staying there as Covid suspects and the authority ensured regular sanitization of the area and the isolation wards.

These efforts were highly acknowledged by the universities across the country and on receiving such valuable recognitions and appreciations, Chancellor, Prof.(Dr.) Samit Ray said, “I am extremely obliged to all the institutions who have acknowledged our efforts and bestowed us with such valuable recognitions. But I believe this is something which was not possible without my able team. Our professors and whole team have not left any stone unturned to expand learning even during lockdown. With prevailing situations we will continue to function as per the state and central govt directives and UGC protocols. This recognitions will motivate us to keep on pursuing the best for everyone”.