HR Conclave for Future Workplace Innovation at Adamas University

Adamas University organised a transformative HR conclave, "Engage & Empower,” on Saturday. The programme brought together HR luminaries, industry experts, and thought leaders with a primary focus on stimulating collaboration and sharing invaluable insights. This Conclave is conceptualized and executed by the Career Development Centre (CDC) of the university. The event aimed to help HR professionals by encouraging innovation and empowerment. It provided a platform for meaningful discussions and sharing knowledge about the changing field of HR management.

The conclave's objectives included facilitating dialogue on emerging trends, showcasing innovations transforming HR practices, and empowering professionals with the skills needed for organisational growth. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in networking, collaboration, and building strategic partnerships across diverse sectors and industries.

Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray, Founder Chancellor, of Adamas University, and Prof. Suranjan Das, Vice Chancellor, of Adamas University, inaugurated the programme. Chandan Majumdar, CEO, RICE Group; and Abhijit Giri, Director, Career Development Centre (CDC), were also present there, along with other luminaries.

This HR conclave featured more than twenty distinguished industry dignitaries from different premium organisations, including Saurabh Roy, DGM HR, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd; Subhasri Sengupta, CHRO, Senco Gold and Diamonds; Debraj S. Roy, Head HR, Lux Industries Ltd; Sudhanhsu Roy, President HR, Medica Superspecialty Hospital; Anirban Mitra, AVP & Head HR, TCG Lifesciences; Rishav Dev-Head TA, Century Plyboards Limited; and other eminent speakers. This gathering of industry leaders aimed to provide participants with unique insights into HR practices across various sectors. This conclave not only served as a platform for inspiring collaboration but also paved the way for future workplace innovation. Each panellist shared valuable insights into this evolving landscape, contributing to a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge on the subject.

Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray said, “The HR Conclave exemplifies our commitment to stimulate innovation and collaboration in the dynamic field of human resources. We believe in creating platforms that drive positive change and empower professionals to lead with excellence.”

Prof. Suranjan Das said that “the success of this conclave reaffirms our dedication to providing a transformative learning environment. By bringing together industry leaders and experts, we aim to shape the future of HR practices and contribute to the success of organisations globally.”

Abhijit Giri remarked, “This conclave not only brought together industry luminaries and experts but also provided a crucial platform for dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. By encouraging innovation and empowerment, it not only addresses current HR challenges but sets the stage for future workplace advancements