International Study Trip

Adamas University in its 2nd year of operation is sending students to foreign universities for short term study trips. Two students Tathagata Kayal, M.Sc., Biotechnology, 1st year and Risov Pal, B.Tech, CSE, 1st year went to Genoa University, Genoa, Italy. Two students Chandan Mitra, MBA, 1st year and Prasenjit Das, BBA, 1st year went to Kiev National Economic University, Kiev, Ukraine on 22nd April for 1 week. These trips are partly funded by Adamas University where the main purpose of the same is that the students should have an overview of how studies are conducted in a foreign university and how different study culture is in other countries. Every class we have to take part in presentations in each & every class. They are finding study process and structure very different, classes more joyful, and after every lecture the faculty separates students in different groups to solve a case study or to create a competition on same task between randomly selected groups. Students need to go prepared with presentation in every class. The AU students are getting special treatment for being the first Indian students at this University. The food, culture, history, studies all put together students are having a life changing experience.