Mehuli Ghosh, Star B.A. (Hons) Education Student, Shines at Asian Games 2023

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, India's women's shooting trio comprising Ramita, Ashi Chouksey, and the star of the hour, Mehuli Ghosh, secured the silver medal at the prestigious Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou. This remarkable achievement not only brought immense pride to the nation but also marked India's first medal in the event.

Mehuli Ghosh, a distinguished B.A. (Hons) Education student from the School of Education, emerged as the shining star of the trio. Her impeccable precision and unwavering focus played a pivotal role in securing the silver with a combined score of 1886.0. The trio's performance was nothing short of extraordinary, captivating the hearts of fans and supporters across the country.

Mehuli, who has been balancing her academic pursuits with rigorous training, exemplifies the spirit of dedication and excellence. Her success serves as an inspiration to countless young athletes and students alike, showcasing the possibilities of excelling in both sports and academics.

As the Asian Games 2023 progresses, the nation stands united in cheering for its athletes, especially Mehuli Ghosh, who continues to shine brightly on the international stage. Congratulations to Mehuli and the entire women's shooting trio on their silver medal triumph!