Visit to Sapienza University

Students of Adamas University have set for short term study tour to Sapinza University, which is planned from 2nd till 9th December, 2017. They are

1. Ms. Agnimita Dam, MA, Sociology, 1st Year
2. Ms. KhealiSarker, BBA, 2nd year.
3. Mr. Md Ashraf Ul Habib, BA, Political Science, 2nd year.

Students will be met by the representative of Sapienza University at the airport in Rome and will be guided for their journey from the airport to the hotel in city centre of Rome, close to the university. Students will visit main campus of the university and attend classes according to their studies and interests. A guided tour of the campus (Faculties, museums and other places of interest) will be organized by Sapienza Welcome Service 'Hello'. Students will get support from professors, personnel from the administrative staff and fellow students during their study and stay in Rome.