AUAT 2020 Exam Access Link


April 2020

  1. AUAT 2020 Exam Access Link:  

Click on the link above to access the examination exactly at 12pm to start the exam.

  1. Logging into the Exam: 

Username = Application No. without any special character

[eg. If the Application No is APP-2020-108947 then the Username will be APP2020108947]

Password = Date of Birth (ddmmyyyy) without any special character

[eg. If the Date of Birth is 26-10-1998 then the Password will be 26101998]

Please note: It is advised to use desktop/laptop to take the test. You can take the test in Tabs or Mobile as well. 

  1. General Instructions: 
  • The exam will have 60 questions and multiple sections based on your choice of course. Read the instructions carefully before answering.
  • Each question has 2 marks and there is no negative marking.
  • For UG courses, all sections are compulsory except if you have chosen School of Social Science where Logical Reasoning and English is compulsory and for the next 5 sections you have to answer any 3.
  • For PG courses, Logical Reasoning and English are compulsory and for the rest of the sections, you will have to answer any 1.