Pharmaceutical Technology: The Blessings for Advanced Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Technology: The Blessings for Advanced Healthcare

Pharmaceutical-Technology The Blessings for Advanced Healthcare Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Technology: The Blessings for Advanced Healthcare

Pharmaceutical-Technology The Blessings for Advanced Healthcare

With the release of COVID-19, the focus of the globe has shifted to developing vaccines to combat the coronavirus, leading to a significant increase in the awareness of pharmacy branches. As a result, we can state that no one on the planet can dispute the need for the creation and use of pharmaceuticals and other medications, and as a result, the study of medicine will never be considered out of date.
In the contemporary world, pharmaceutical technology and sciences, encompassing multiple degrees like D. Pharm, B. Pharma, and M. Pharm, is the most renowned undergraduate and graduate programme, particularly in India. Its popularity can be attributed to the vast array of employment opportunities these programmes offer.

The Pharmaceutical Council of India (PCI), an authorized government organisation, fully regulates degree programmes. Pharmacy practices are covered in pharmacy courses, along with the many components of pharmaceutical science and its building blocks, including biochemistry, chemistry, pharmacology, ethics, and many more.

Opportunities & Promises

Since pharmacy is a programme that is entirely focused on careers, graduates and postgraduates have several options. The student can choose to pursue academics and further their education by pursuing an M. Pharm or Ph.D. degree to gain more research expertise. Students can work in a variety of pharmacy-related fields both in India and outside as:

  • Pharmacovigilance officer/drug safety specialist: this person keeps an eye on a drug’s effects after it has been approved for use, especially to identify and evaluate any side effects that have not yet been reported.
    A chemist, who is a qualified professional who manages all matters pertaining to drugs and medicine.
    Pharmacies and related industries: Private pharmaceutical multinational corporations (MNCs) are made up of many departments, including those responsible for drug manufacture, quality control, quality assurance, and packaging.
    • Drug Inspector: An expert who assesses a drug’s quality, efficacy, and effectiveness before taking measures to preserve it.
  • Quality control analyst: guarantees regulatory compliance and the safety of the medication in a range of scenarios.
  • Pharmacologist- Examine the effects of medicines on biological processes. To determine what impact particular medications might have on humans by conducting the in-vitro study or in vivo research.
    • Health inspectors: Law enforcement personnel who also take other steps to safeguard the public’s health.
    A medical/scientific writer is an expert who evaluates a patient based on their medical history and evaluates the risk associated with providing life and health insurance to the policyholder.
    • Drug Technician/Licensed Healthcare Provider: Pharmacy technicians assist with prescription processing and handling, drug inventory tracking, and customer and pharmacy records.

Pros of studying at Adamas University to pursue a D. Pharm, B. Pharm, M. Pharm, or Ph.D.

The TIMES-Best institutes for studies 2023 in West Bengal rank Adamas University, located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, seventh among schools of medical and health sciences (SOHMS) and pharmaceutical technology (DOPT). This allows students to pursue degrees in pharmaceutical sciences and technology, including D. Pharm, B. Pharm, M. Pharm (pharmaceutics and pharmacology), and Ph.D.
Credits for theories, practicals, internships with hospitals and pharmaceutical businesses, and project work are all included in the course curriculum. Renowned professors and faculty members provide students with in-depth education in the study areas so they can absorb the concepts properly. The department is fully prepared with innovative lab technology, a dedicated department library, the ability to host both national and international conferences and seminars, and an animal home for drug studies.

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