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Play as Professional : An Insight to the career options for Gaming and Animation

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Play as Professional : An Insight to the career options for Gaming and Animation

Is police chasing you? Did you find who was the murderer? Can you escape from the room or build an empire or drive the fastest car or kill your enemies or get killed by them?

Well, I am not talking about a lawbreaker I am talking about a gamer.

While expressing yourself through our gaming console, if you

While spending time with your gaming console, if you ever hit by “how you could build a career in gaming”, then your Gray cells are working fine.

With more than 2.6 billion gamers worldwide, the gaming industry has come a long way in just 10 years and establishing itself as a prime evolving sector in the entertainment industry. According to Statista, the Indian gaming industry will grow up to 250.3 billion INR i.e. almost 25030 Crores INR by the end of 2024.

According to Industry association, NASSCOM estimates the Indian gaming sector to be worth more than INR 200 billion or 2000 crore.

With 1.33 billion people and more than two thirds of them under the age of 35 with almost every one of them holding a smartphones in their hand, as we speak, India is tranquil to be one of the world’s largest agora for gaming.

Relating to this rapid growth, there will be a high demand for professionals in this field of gamming, which focuses not just on playing games but creating them.

Game Animation, Game Art creation in 3D and 2D, Game Design, Game Testing, Game Programming, Project Management, Audio Engineers, along with general management positions to name a few job roles waiting for you.

Let’s have a look at some of the career opportunities in the gaming industry.

  1. Game Designer

They are the visionaries of games entertain us. They work on design what they have conceived or from a pre-approved the idea, such as a game based on real life events, day to day activities, some adventures, some movies or any other inspiration.

They need to use their creativity to visualize games for a range of devices and platforms that engage and capture the fascination of the user. Observe and plan with every element detail of a new game including the rules, rough storyline, character interface, and modes of play.

By putting together a concept document and use this to convince the development team that the game is worth proceeding with detailed market research to understand what your target the audience wants and bringing a rough idea into a reality. 

  1. Narrative Designer

As per UBISOFT, the Narrative Designer crafts the story of a game, visualizing characters, defining the story behind locations or objects, designing the narrative of missions and clarifying the objective of the mission, building story arcs, contributing to building the player’s emotional journey.

To support the Game Design team in defining systems and structures to support the game experience throughout the entire game.

Their creativity is truly identified when they have to describe the circumstances through actions or expressions of the virtual characters more than what they speak. Their work brings actual life to design the gameplay by defining the “story experience”.

  1. Game Animator

Game Animator is the craftsman of the virtual models from the character to the environment and props. They are the architect who designs breathing life into virtual characters. They provide details to the skin textures of each character, the watery gloss on the road when it rains, or define the shadows following the source of light. Defining how a character jumps, crouches, sits, stands, and moves are what a visual artist takes good care of.

There are various job roles within the art design department such as Concept Artists, 3D Modelers, 2D/Texture Artists, each with a different set of responsibilities and skills. With the help of Bachelor of computer application in gaming and animation at Adamas University gives you a chance to seek a career in this domain as well without perusing any separate training or degree.  

  1. Sound Engineer

Sound is one of the major senses through which user experiences and feel their environment. The job of the Sound Engineers are vital to create that aura where players will listen and feel and get into that situation of their virtual characters.

Every the game has its own storyline and genre, and audio engineers develop audio in harmony with it. They encapsulate the game’s essence in the audio they produce by blending dynamic sound effects with ambient sounds and background music to bring life to the game’s world. 

  1. Game Developer

Game developers are the creator of the building blocks for the entire gaming environment. They work on teams to plan, design, and produce video games for computers, mobile devices, or gaming consoles. Their work involves creating visual content for the game and writing code to implement all the game’s features and functionality. This career requires a background in coding and mathematics giving importance to the physics, chemistry and biological sciences and the ability to collaborate well with others to accomplish project goals. While many work full-time hours in-game studios or at software companies, opportunities exist for game developers who prefer to work remotely or to self-publish their games online as independent developers.

  1. Game Tester

Do you get scolding for playing games all day from your parents? Now make it as your carrier and play in your career and become Game Tester. But Game Testers do not just sit with a cup of tea, relax and play through the game stages. They systematically play-test the game, analysing the game’s performance, identifying bugs, and suggesting changes to be made to the programmers to enhance the quality and playability of the game before it goes public.

Game Testing involves playing the same level over and over again until it is assured of the absence of any bugs or glitches. The work entails playing games for long hours and making sure the gaming experience of players does not spoil due to any flaws.

The international gaming industry is booming, and India is identified as the biggest market for the gaming industry. This will bring enough opportunities for game lovers. It is a relatively new industry but has grown drastically in the past two decades with the expansion of internet accessibility and the advancement of technology.

The future of the gaming industry in India is shining like Sirius in the blue sky thus it is the best time to build a career in this industry and Adamas University is ready with its Bachelor of computer application in gaming and animation to make you ready for your favourite job role.

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