#PositiveCorona : Covid 19 Impact On Graduates & Opportunities | Adamas University

#PositiveCorona : Covid 19 Impact On Graduates & Opportunities

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#PositiveCorona : Covid 19 Impact On Graduates & Opportunities

Nisarga Chand1,
Assistant Professor1

Shouvik Chowdhury1
3rd Year Student1

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering School of Engineering & Technology, Adamas University

The world is at shut down mode every country is forced to accept lockdown, the threat has forced to maintain strict social distancing and adaption of distance learning. And habituating people to adapt Virtual learning (untested and unproven protocol) and it really works.

Continuous spreading of the threat has led educational institutions to shut down and mostly impacted the (final year & pre final year) graduates about the placements, internship, publications and their future goals, even they are in confusion and cannot decide to put the efforts on getting placed or to continue the Higher education. Students plans on studying abroad has also affected.

Though it has impacted and will be impacting but history tells us to be remembered

             “The more you know, the less it is” – ARISTOTLE


The school and colleges which used to the hub for learning and engaging with others is now no more, the ecosystem has been impacted significantly the higher education and the graduates. In maximum cases, those students are studying in abroad and those are planned to go, they are facing in trouble.

Based on the statistics from UNESCO, we have found that schools are closed in 188 countries, affecting more than 1.5 billion students and 63 million primary and secondary teachers worldwide.

But we are not stopped yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ‘revolutionizing point’ for reform of the Indian education system. The new education policy will forever transform INDIA and result into prosperous, challenging Indians to grow and under great leadership (CEO), no more requirement to go outside. Even India will able to create a Hub for international education.


  • A single regulator for higher education institutions.
  • Multiple entry and exit options in degree courses.
  • Discontinuation of MPhil programmes.
  • Low stakes board exams.
  • Common entrance exams for university. 


Paradigm shift: Instead of acting being digital to actually being digital.

This way of digital implementation on education and learning is trouble, as it unproven and forced to adapt. So, this has resulted in new education policy by the Indian education leaders.

The new education policy (NEO) focuses on easier board exams, reduction in syllabus to retain “core essentials” and brainstorming with “experimental learning” and “critical thinking”. The NEP make the students until class 5 should be taught in regional language. It also acknowledges teachers will be encouraged to use bilingual approach, including bilingual teaching, students whose home language may be different from medium of school.


The ministry of human resources development recorded 16 lakh graduates from MBA and Engineering last year and the numbers are quite comparable for 2020, and now is such a pandemic situation, majority of the graduates will have to face huge difficulty. COVID 19 has not only threatened their employment rates but also backdated the skillets earned so far by students and it has also made graduates and business, government to be aware of a situation and of a country.

Due to lockdown IT firms are facing stagnation due to which hiring, promotions have slowed down. Manufacturing firms are busy in repurposing their manufacturing form cosmetics to sanitizers, masks so that which will affects less as possible and keep the manufacturing on its way. Many IT electronics firms have transformed in building in mass amounts ventilators and other essential medical equipment’s. 


The covid19 has also open opportunities for graduates and student pursuing higher education. Ample amount of time is granted with no disturbance except self-discipline.  It’s the time now to develop and nurture skills and given themselves a chance on being aware and pursue their big goals and be hopeful, confident, competitive, Impatient and build a CV to stand out of the crowd, be a special case thrived from such a situation.


We should not only find a job, but we should search for a job that potential employers are seeking during and after the pandemic. Skilled up yourself through best online courses, project-based learning, critical thinking etc.     


Under this circumstance, social network like Facebook or Professional network like LinkedIn are so much active compare to previous. Many students with their technical skills, got a chance for internship or placed in top level companies after applying in various professional networks through online. Virtual interviews are taking a part so that students grab their jobs easily while sitting at home. Many companies provide training through online and they are using virtual labs also to give an idea of real time applications. 


Due to increase in unemployment and government unable to manage employments, peoples choose a career to start their own business and give employment to others, hence which reduces unemployment rates and leads to increase in country economic.

But the situation is different now and quite critical the business itself has got into stagnation. Planning and busy in description of their business on how they can favor their potential customers and market and get their business with fresh start. Indian government is also not behind the government also started with project “Aatma Nirbhar Bharat campaign”. This project aims in creating an ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive and make every India to adopt Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat campaign to transform “Local” India into “Global” India.

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge

The App innovation challenge has two aspects which are promotion of existing apps and development of new apps. It also states it for those people who have such a working product or if they feel they have the vision and the expertise to create one.

Insight on Aatma Nirbhar Bharat by Ashok Gulati, Infosys chair professor for agriculture

Ashok gulati says india is a bulk exporter for agri-products. Gulati looks at the data and finds that the biggest item is edible oils – worth about $10 billion, and states” This is where there is a need to create ‘aatma nirbharta”.


Though the novel coronavirus may be claiming victims all across the globe and keeping people sealed indoors due to the fear and mass confusion, but it can’t stop the innovative minds also the work ability. So last we can say “Stars can’t shine without darkness”

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