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Earn a B.Sc. degree in Psychology from Adamas University!

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Earn a B.Sc. degree in Psychology from Adamas University!

Psychology is primarily an interdisciplinary subject dealing with human behaviour. This interdisciplinary nature is owing to the contribution of several other disciplines in enriching this domain of science. Moreover, the application of psychological principles encompasses several related areas of research which, in turn, justifies its’ interdisciplinary nature.  

       A career in Psychology entails an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree in Psychology with a specialization in any of the applied areas of the subject like Clinical Psychology, Industrial and Organizational behaviour, School Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology, just to name a few.  

     Although the subject is being taught in our country for over a century now, the awareness and spread of this domain of knowledge was scarce. It was only during the end of the 20th century that made people realize the necessity and application of this subject. The past few decades have, therefore, witnessed a growing trend of students applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Psychology! 

Why study B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology at Adamas University? 

The Department of Psychology at Adamas University offers a unique experience to the students taking admission to the B.Sc. program. The program is designed in such a way so as to provide a wholesome knowledge about the subject and its’ application to the students. This program is a 3-year program with six semesters. The program requires the completion of a number of core courses in Psychology, elective courses (as chosen by the student), skill enhancement courses, discipline-specific courses, value-added courses as well as specializations. Moreover, to enhance students’ understanding of the applications and to hone their research skills, the curriculum also entails completion of clinical coursework, summer internship and a research dissertation.  

7 Reasons why you should join Adamas University for pursuing B.Sc. Honours in Psychology: 

1. Specializations offered at the Undergraduate level: 

The Department of Psychology, Adamas University has proved to be a forerunner by introducing specialization in Industrial Psychology, Forensic Psychology, School Psychology and Sports Psychology right at the undergraduate level. All these courses are applied domains of Psychology and have been recognized due to their huge applicability and job prospects in the market.  

Specialization in Industrial Psychology: Industrial psychology uses a range of scientific methods, including quantitative and qualitative research. Industrial and Organizational Psychology has evolved as branches of Psychology to understand the human factor in the industrial and organizational situation as well as person-environment fitness and their development. The industrial-organizational psychologist job market is expected to grow by 5.9% between 2016 and 2026. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 2.5 per cent employment growth for industrial psychologists between 2019 and 2029. Those working in business, government and academic positions often spend considerable time conducting research.  

Specialization in Forensic PsychologyForensic Psychology is the application of psychology in the aid of legal investigation. Forensic psychology looks into the vast psychological perspectives and applies them to legal investigations including issues such as public policies, new laws, competency, and also the mental state of a defendant. This course is designed to make the students acquainted with the basics of Forensic Psychology, Psychological perspectives of criminal behaviour, psychopathologies, personality assessments and the basics of forensic assessments.  

Specialization in School Psychology: School psychology is a field that applies principles of educational psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, community psychology, and applied behaviour analysis to meet children’s and adolescents’ behavioural health and learning needs in a collaborative manner with educators and parents. 

Specialization in Sports Psychology: Sport psychology is the study of a person’s behaviour in sport. It is also a specialization within brain Psychology and Kinesiology that seeks to understand psychological/mental factors that affect performance in sports, physical activity, and exercise and apply these to enhance individual and team performance. It deals with increasing performance by managing emotions and minimizing the psychological effects of injury and poor performance. Some of the most important skills taught are goal setting, relaxation, visualization, self-talk, awareness and control, concentration and confidence 

 2. State-of-the-Art Laboratory:  

The Department of Psychology has an extremely well-equipped laboratory fitted with modern equipment and all the required test materials for testing and assessments. This helps provide adequate practical knowledge to the students and enriches them with applied skills. The laboratory also has an Electroencephalograph machine that allows students to learn the basics of brain functioning.  

 3. Grooming for Research: 

The Department emphasizes on conducting research in different areas of psychological research from the undergraduate level itself. Students are groomed to learn and apply their research skills by presenting research papers at both national and international levels. This helps them to get the exposure to diverse sources of knowledge.  

4. Internships in Psychology: 

As part of their curriculum, students are encouraged to do internships from the undergraduate level in clinical setups, hospitals, industries and other institutes. This enables them to get an opportunity to learn through hands-on training.  

5. Placement opportunities: 

The University Placement Cell trains students for placements and internship opportunities by conducting regular classes and training programs. In their final year, students opting for a job are given placement opportunities.  

6. Teachers as Mentors:  

The Department believes in offering a friendly learning environment where students can acquire knowledge through scaffolding. Teachers play the role of mentors by providing all possible guidance and psychological support to the students across their entire program.  

7. Great Campus Life:  

The Adamas University campus is a beautiful one with a vibrant campus life offered to the students. They get ample space to mingle with students and faculties of other departments and to express themselves in their most creative selves. The presence of different clubs for co-curricular activities further adds to this.  

To sum up, with all the uncertainties and mental health crisis around us, a sound knowledge of Psychology and good skills can guarantee a great career for anyone. And what better way is to achieve it than to earn a degree in Psychology from Adamas University.

To know more about the program, check out: https://socialsciences.adamasuniversity.ac.in/psychology/ 

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