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Robotic Technology: A life changer

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Robotic Technology: A life changer


Robotics is a multifaceted combination of engineering and science that majorly associates mechanical engineering, electrical & electronics engineering and computer science engineering. It basically involves robot design, construction, controlling, image processing, sensors & feedback signals, and information processing. After the evolution of computers, robotics takes it to the next level of innovation where programmed intelligence has a major role. Now, it is the time of artificial intelligence and people has started working on robot-thinking which redefines the field of robotics. Robot-thinking is futuristic scope of innovations where tremendous number robotic technology can be realized in coming years. The robots are getting smarter with the continuously changing human needs and it will continue to piggy bank the fast-paced advancements in the multidisciplinary domain of Engineering & Technology.

It may be a matter of fun for the people relishing food, served by the robots, in a restaurant but engineering brain thinks and rethinks the technology behind it.  As a technologist, it really excites me when robots performing, during rescue operation in case of serious mishappening when human being is unable to serve the purpose. Also, robots find its applicability of working effectively and efficiently in hazardous and unsafe environment where it is difficult to work for human. Such challenging task gives a scope to think out of the box and to realize the technology by making such robots. No doubt, we are ready for such robotic world of technology but still many milestones needs to be achieved.

It will be really contributing for the society, if we can design a robot which will take care of cleaning activities of public toilets, roads, sewer where it is really heartbreaking to see the human being struggling with such task. It will be really interesting if we can design a robot which will do all the work of domestic need which a servant is doing. A robot can also be designed to serve as old age care or to assist a physically disabled person. A number of such challenges are available where we really need to work out and robotic technology is going to change the way of life.

Industrial Robots

If you try to understand the requirements of industries, its multifrontal need which is different for different industries and even one workshop to another workshop within a single industry itself. The question mark is, are all the industrial robotics problems are already solved? Obviously, the answer is no and today, all over the world, various companies can use robots but still don’t use it as it is not available specific to their industrial need.  It is remarkable to understand robot is not like to a simple electronics gadget that someone can buy it from the market rather it is the requirement based. There is a need of dedicated robot for specific set of tasks and the role of engineers starts here to design such robots to serve the purpose.

How technocrats will fulfill the need?

Future engineers will have to design and develop several different types of aforesaid robots that are supposed to perform a variety of different tasks which will accomplish the industrial or societal need. As the human requirements is continuously changing and therefore technology is also advancing to tune the need and it is a never-ending task. To design and control the activities of robot is really challenging and engineers have to play crucial role. In context to robotics once the need of a specific kind of robot is identified, technocrats has to make the compatibility between engineering hardware and software. Prior to design a robot, comprehensive research is also needed and further analysis, development of prototype and testing progresses the pathway

Employability for technocrats 

Nobody can stop this era of automation, in view that it will reduce manpower requirements rather individual has to think that who will provide and control this automation. It gives rise of a number of job opportunities. It is just transformation of job requirements from one industry to another industry.  Various multinational companies and government organizations are working in the field of robotics and requires skilled technocrats of all the engineering domains as their working hands.

Disclaimer: But big question looms large- How much intelligence to be pumped into a robot that doesn’t threaten the very mankind that created it?


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