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Social Distancing- A Necessary Evil

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Social Distancing- A Necessary Evil

At the beginning of March, “Social Distancing” was not so familiar among the Society. Human beings are social by nature. But staying away from friends, relatives seem to be very awkward and pathetic. But staying away from other people termed as “Social distancing” is the only way to slow down the spread of the outbreak COVID-19. The term “Corona virus disease of 2019” has become pandemic. It is creating panic in many countries because of its contagious spread due to which the maximum country shut down itself for, who-knows-how-long.

Social Distancing means no handshakes, no hugs, no gatherings as well as no close in-person interaction with others. Worldwide it has been seen as an essential weapon to prevent the most apocalyptic scenario. The Social Distancing is an indubitable or we can say the uttermost effective measure to minimize the spread of this killer.

There is no doubt about the instructions given by public health officials who have come up with an idea that Social Distancing is the only necessary solution to prevent the pandemic but this practice has now become a “necessary evil”. This practice is definitely restricting us from watching movies at multiplex, shopping malls, partying with friends, clubbing, visiting places, and more. It is well known truth that social connectedness is central to well-being and good mental health.

According to the studies of Professor Paul Zak, economics Science, psychology and Management at Claremont graduate university in California, a highly pleasurable neurotransmitter hormone “Oxytocin” is produced in response to physical touch which lowers stress, raises happiness, and increases kindness and charity towards others. Contrary to, when we are isolate from others life can feel cold and empty due to the lack of oxytocin. Lower levels of oxytocin have resulted in releasing more stress and anxiety. As a result of anxiety amongst the people there is difficulty in focusing and feeling of demotivation is arising.

Need of social distancing:

The amidst Coronavirus spreading around the world is calling on us to suppress our profoundly human and evolutionarily hard-wired impulses for connection: seeing our friends, getting together in groups, or touching each other,” says Nicholas Christakis, a social scientist and physician at Yale University. Whenever we are at any gathering we are in close contact with people surrounding us. Since coronavirus is a respiratory virus that spreads through the droplets from nose and saliva.  Mainly in gathering chances of being effected is more. That is why maintaining a social distance will helps in breaking the chain of transmission and slows down the effect of transmission.

According to various reports this social distancing, a non-pharmaceutical measuring step is proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the spread of infection during an outbreak. With patience and cooperation, we can all do our part. Social distancing helps in breaking down the chain of transmission and slows down the effect of transmission of virus. By practicing this only measure we are able to limit the effects on individuals. Major areas like schools, workplaces, gym, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, tourist places are easily prone to transmit. Social distancing and self-isolation are becoming crucial part of the plan to reduce the spread of coronavirus. By maintaining social distancing, we assume that in coming days we will be able to see reduce number of deaths around the countries.

Stumbling block of social distancing:

In majority it has been seen these days’ people are getting exasperated due to tremendous pressure of Social Distancing which results in mental illness. Many experts claim that loosing connection among the people leads to a high psychological disorder like stress, anxiety and depression and panic.

According to World Health Organization stress and anxiety are the most prevalent mental effects during these pandemic. Stresses for the losing jobs are haunting very badly. As the day of self isolation is passing by lifestyle of people are changing very rapidly. The Medical Director of National Alliance on mental illness, Dr. Ken Duckworth stated that avoiding social interaction will harm mental health and less connection will cause additional stress for people.

Dr. Maria Oquendo, a past president of American Psychiatric Association along with a chair of psychiatry from the University of Pennysywania, Philadelphia claims that people suffering from any kind of psychiatric condition will have high anxiety response.                         

Social Distancing is also increasing the risk of loneliness and some researchers also claim that this loneliness will urge the mentally effected people towards harmful drugs and consumption of alcohol. Experts also warn risk of suicide rated due to social distancing. A there is rapid increase in cases of loneliness, stress disorder, anxiety disorder amongst the people. All these symptoms together can lead the risk of suicidal. The question arises what we need to do when we are suffering from mental illness due to this loneliness. We may practice some measures to get rid off.

  • Limit the time or lesson the time spending on watching the news which are upsetting.
  • Spend more time in online learning app to improve knowledge.
  • Maintains a healthy lifestyle by having proper diet, spend few moments in yoga for relaxation and peace of mind
  • Having proper sleep
  • Contacts with love ones by phone call, video chat and email etc.
  • Avoid using harmful drugs, alcohol to deal with emotions.

Global Effect of Social Distancing on Employment and Resources:

                        Social distancing has highly effected some major sectors like garment industries, travel and tourism, restaurants, etc. Certain work field has incorporated “work from home” facility which has resulted in some relaxation for fewer employees but on a bigger scenario self distancing is coming up with a burden of evil impact among the people. As many industries and sectors cannot incorporate the practice of work from home facilities. Other sectors like

  • Sports industry totally shutdown .The event organizers and workers in stadium have become jobless and there is no means for getting salary. One of the major hit in the sports industry due to the social distancing is cancellation of The Olympics in Japan.
  • Travel industries and Aviation has been shutdown. Norwegian and Scandinavian airlines have laid off 90% their employees creating a buzz of unemployment.
  • Marriot, world largest company slashed the salaries of senior executives by 50% and laying off almost 10,000 workers from jobs.
  • Restaurants and Malls have also been closed because of social distancing.
  • The International labour organization has predicted that 38% of employees in the world are either at risk of layoff or salary cut. It has been predicted that more than 1 billion workers in the total with either face salary cut or jobless.

All these factors may lead to a negative impact on world economy and Global Recession which can eventually become the root cause for mental depression among the people.


The solution for curing the pandemic has now become the reason for mental illness. According to researchers Social Distancing will help in breaking the chain of the virus but it will play an adverse effect and sooner it will become a necessary evil. The term social distancing is definitely acting like an evil nowadays. But by adopting this one and only evil practice we will be safe and survive to see our future. At last we can conclude words of our honourable prime minister “Jaan hain to jahan hain”.  Hope in coming days we can definitely fight against this giant pandemic situation and see a beautiful and blissful morning ahead.

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