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Spending Quality Time during Lockdown


Spending Quality Time during Lockdown

With regard to the present pandemic crisis that is engulfing the global world, I have also been a victim of the unforeseen situation. Though the entire country is fighting against the lifethreatening disease (COVID-19) and is under lockdown for near about a month, I being a teacher have devoted this time in conducting online classes for students so that students remain updated with their class preparation and syllabus along with doing different courses through Coursera.

Being a researcher, I am also utilizing the time during weekends to devote to one’s Ph.D research. Being a sociologist, this sudden lockdown has debunked certain social issues which is often not properly exposed —– there has been increasing domestic and verbal abuse of married women and children. Furthermore, elderly abuse has also increased. However, such issues can also be resolved if one keeps following these guidelines in mind—-

  •  Being more enduring and patient: During this isolation phase which at times seem to be depressing, one needs to be patient and enduring since managing both household chores followed by work tasks is tedious. Such tedious work can take a toll and test one’s patience. One needs to calm himself/herself and develop the tendency of listening to elders more.


  •  Assistance and understanding which can ensure reduction of domestic quarrels among family members: This is of significant importance since both husband and wife during this phase need to understand the importance of managing office work through virtual platform and housework as well. Both the spouses should help each other so that any form of domestic quarrel reduces when there is an upsurge of domestic violence in this lockdown phase.


  • Engaging oneself in one’s favourite hobby: This is possibly the best time to explore one’s hobby through writing, reading, listening good music, cooking, quilling, and even housework. Exploring and venturing one’s hobby detoxifies all negative energy which might develop due to the isolation! It also makes the person positive from within.


  •  Yoga followed by Meditation every morning: A major pre-requisite during the lockdown phase which helps to maintain the physical and mental well-being of everyone. Practicing Yoga and Meditation ‘heals’ the body and mind and also ensures spiritual attainment —- a must in the to-do list for everyone, especially adolescents and elderly people!


  •  Spending quality time through Art and Painting: One of the most effective ways to spend this isolation period, according to me, is through Art and Drawing.
    1. Art is one of the most therapeutic means to indulge in one’s own world of imagination. Such gloomy period which brings forth stress, anxiety and depression can be vented out through the means of Art.
    2. Not everyone needs to be an artist to engage in Art but if everyone; especially youngsters devote some part of their day in Art or Painting, they are sure to develop optimism which will also help to boost their self-confidence and provide emotional ecstasy.

As a small token of remembrance for everyone, I have shared two of my recent Sketch and Digital Painting in order to ameliorate my physical and mental well-being during this period of isolation:

  • Spending good time with kids (children) in the family: It is said and believed that Children are the gifts of God!! Spending good time with children (if anyone has) is possibly the best time spend to reduce any form of stress or anxiety (even with the naughtier ones!). Their innocence and enthusiasm can take away all forms of tension from life. However, one needs to interact with them patiently (with full vigour!).


  • To be more tolerant towards elderly people and helping them with essential commodities and housework: The toughest responsibility of any individual in family, yet the affinity which can bind family members together. This pandemic crisis has indeed instilled fear in the minds of bread earners of the family in terms of looking after their aged parents or grandparents since this life-threatening disease has high risk factor for them. One needs to be more tolerant towards the elderly and need to develop the tendency of listening more to their interaction since they are possibly the best guardians in giving advice. Further, helping them with the essential
    commodities is also needed.


  • Exploring and venturing older photographs: Last but not the least, scribbling over the older photographs of childhood and even adolescence (for adults) also gives nostalgic vibe and takes one down the memory lane. It also helps to relive the unforgettable memoirs spend with family or friends, with a Hope to relive the moments soon.

Since this is a challenging time throughout the world, it is essentially important to stay indoors and spend precious time with family members (along with office work virtually) and properly utilize it in the best possible manner because life is indeed a precious gift of God!!

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