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Work from home is easy, when kids are busy – Tackling toddler tantrums during Covid-19 lockdown

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Work from home is easy, when kids are busy – Tackling toddler tantrums during Covid-19 lockdown

Due to COVID-19 Corona Virus lockdown, most people are working from home. While many are managing just fine, the same cannot be said for those who have kids. Being a parent, working from home with kids around, who want to be entertained all the time or have snacks every hour can be challenging. Children demand attention 24*7 and parenting while meeting tight deadlines, responding to endless emails, chats and attending video classes or conference calls all day long can be hard and tiresome. As this disease is spreading rapidly, we are unaware, for how long, we have to stay cooped up in our homes and have to work, while attending to kid’s demands. However, with schools being shut and kids stuck at home, we all know, that they have lot of energy that needs to be utilised in order to maintain sanity at home. Above all these, attending online classes for and with kids and finishing their assignments on time, and making them understand the new session courses have become hectic gradually and eventually. But this quarantine with kids can be fun, if you know, how to make it fun.

These are some tricks, which we found to be helpful-

  1. Make ‘home office’ for your kids.

Make a work space for them too, beside your home office, to keep an eye on them. Put a table with drawer, where, pen, pencils, colours and colouring books can be kept of their likings. So that they can copy you, and feel as if they are also doing something important. You will also get to help your kid, sometimes in DIY art and craft. This will work when your kid is not that much on naughtier side.

  1. Work, when they are asleep.

This is quiet self-explanatory, all work, which has to be done, peacefully with extra caution, can be done at this time. Like checking assignments, important phone calls etc. Though everyday this plan won’t work, because, the power nap might not last that long.

  1. Boredom box

This is a lifesaver, this works when other daily plans fails. The boredom box is nothing, but putting all your kid’s interest at one place, like glue, slime, glitters, play dough, puzzles etc. so that they become busy for some time.

  1. Make time for them.

After doing quality work for continuous two hours, give time to your kid for at least 20-30 minutes by reading out stories, playing block games etc., this will make them happy and won’t disturb you for long, and at the same time you will feel satisfied that you are capable of tackling both professional and personal life. Though they won’t understand this phenomenon instantly, but in due course by repeatedly saying them the importance of your work, they won’t disturb you like before. It might take time, and that time will vary kid to kid, but when they will understand that you are giving them time as well, slowly they will make easier ways for you to work. Don’t forget to reward them as well, when they listen to you.

  1. Realistic approach.

Give them chance to be on their own, like which storybook to be read, what games they want to play, which dress they want to wear, which page to colour, or which snack they want to make e.g. Sandwich, which does not need, fire. When they try to do things on their own, it becomes more time consuming for them, thus other way round, you will get more time for you.

  1. Last, the ultimate.

Put on the television or YouTube channel of their choice. Sometimes, yoga or dance class session also helps them. They like peppy and catchy songs, thus would like to dance away by imitating. Karaoke also helps sometimes. Sometimes their favourite chocolates or snacks keep them glued for a bit longer time.


Taking care of children and attending their constant demands while working from home can be difficult, but it’s possible. The before shared tips, can be a perfect work-life balance at home. Above these, talking to your partner and taking turns in housework, along with responsibilities to watch your children is also important. This is a difficult time, but the silver lining is, you get time to be with your kid and family for making the bond stronger and have a memorable time.

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