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Technology calling, let it not be a missed call!

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Technology calling, let it not be a missed call!

A long back, Cedric Price, an architect, influential teacher and a writer quoted, “Technology is the answer but, what is the question?”. No doubt, this quote may be the answer of all such technological breakthroughs. For us, the catchy point is, if you have the question you can look for the answer and surely technology will help you to reach that.  In the aforesaid quote, the question indicates, to identify the call of the future exactly, and that’s the inception of any product and services.

  • Forecast the future need, give the technological solution at earliest possible time, become an entrepreneur.
  • One thing which you may analyze from various startups and fast-growing organizations that they were able to identify the need of consumers correctly and the success story of such entrepreneurs is well known to us.
  • Tremendous number of job opportunities is knocking the door of technology to fulfill the vision of initiatives like ‘Make in India’, and ‘Digital India’.
  • In the present scenario of global outsourcing, price of any product plays a crucial role and decides the life cycle of a product. In this regard, almost all the companies are looking for such technocrats which will ultimately help them to become competitive in the market.


Are the Technocrats ready to respond to the requirements of Industry?

As an academician, whenever I meet industry people, I try to understand the expectations of the industries for their technical supporting hands and what are the major challenges in front of the industries. Few things, I found very common in all such discussions; the very first point, most of the companies does not want to spend time and money to train the engineers/workers, but earlier there were a compulsory training tenure in almost all the companies. Now, industry wants ready engineers. This is almost similar to that we prefer ready to eat items and not interested in processing and then further preparing the food item.

        Second thing, it is the time of toppings, even when we go for pizza, we are much interested in what toppings is available on our choice. Similar to this when engineers are going before selection committee, they try to find what toppings (value addition), a candidate is finished which makes him/her stand out in the crowd of regular degree holders. Very importantly, few of industry people have clearly indicated that presently industry is facing dearth of freshers with the right skill set. However, they also believed that the recruitment process sometimes failed to select the right candidates for the right job. So, the academia has to play the crucial role to fill such gaps. 

Signing off!

The purpose of this article is just to make awareness among the engineering aspirants that where is the actual short fall and there is really nothing like recession for engineering jobs.  The deserving will always have a demand in the field of their expertise and choice. Let us believe in “Learn and Earn philosophy” i.e. first you LEARN then remove “L” from the word learn, it becomes earn.  Ending up, with a famous saying “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In this proverb lemon is indicating an unpleasant taste or negative mindset however, nobody has stopped you to do the value addition of lemon and making it lemonade and that’s the positive attitude we need to set up to move forward.

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