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The Scope of Biochemistry at present


The Scope of Biochemistry at present

Introduction to the Programme:

Biochemistry is the amalgamation of chemistry and biological sciences. It brings together all of the sciences to study the chemical and physical processes that occur in living organisms. It truly is the science of life. Also, the course provides an introduction to several important metabolic pathways and bioenergetics, including state of the art modern techniques relevant to present-day research in academia and industry.

Scope of the Course:

In the present scenario study of Biochemistry is highly relevant, biochemistry students can aspire for bigger roles in industry as well as academia. Some of its scope in medical sciences and other fields is given as follows:

Medical Sciences

  • Thorough knowledge in biochemistry is essential in understanding different aspects of medical sciences like drug development, immunology, pathology, pharmacy, vaccine development, etc. After BSc. One can find jobs as marketing executives in different Pharmaceutical companies, as a lab assistant in different govt. and private organizations, clinical co-ordinators for big pathology chains and medical transcriptionists for different healthcare groups.
  • The most important use of medical biochemistry, however, is biochemical tests done in the clinical laboratory. In a diagnostic center, one can get jobs as pathologists related to diagnostics, monitoring, and screening of patients.
  • Genetic Engineering or Recombinant DNA Technology is another advanced part of biochemistry which has immense scope in vaccine development. After post-graduation in Biochemistry, one can pursue a research career and work as a research scientist in R&D sections of big pharmaceutical companies.


  • Knowledge of biochemistry is very important for understanding the biochemistry of crops and medicinal plants. Plant biochemistry studies can help students to become agricultural scientists in the future. Agricultural scientists work on developing high yielding crops, disease-resistant crops, isolating medicinal compounds from plants.
  • Gaining knowledge in plant tissue culture techniques students can set up their own farms and nurseries.

Food Industry

  • Biochemists can help nutritionists, as they can describe different aspects of health-related to food consumption; the nutrientsvalue of food material can also be determined by biochemical tests. Proper measurement of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats can be done by
  • Food Analyst jobs are now available in different private sectors. They can find out adulterants mixed in diverse types of food items.
  • A food security officer is a very important job prospect for present biochemistry students.


  • After graduation one can continue with science if you want. Do MSc then BEd (job profile: teacher), MSc then Ph.D. (Job Profile: Researcher or Professor).
  • After MSc, one can get different govt. jobs like a Patent officer, Scientific Officer (BARC, DRDO, and ISRO), Epidemiologist, Forest officer, Food security officer.
  • There is a great scope of going abroad and working in a research profession in countries like the US, UK, Germany, France etc.after completion of MSc. Degree in Biochemistry.

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