The Scope of Biochemistry at present
by Subhendu Bandyopadhyay
on March 31, 2020
Introduction to the Programme: Biochemistry is the amalgamation of chemistry and biological sciences. It brings together all of the sciences to study the chemical and physical processes that occur in living organisms. It truly is
How COVID-19 situation can boost a student’s career in Biochemistry?
by Subhendu Bandopadhayay & Srijan Haldar
on April 29, 2020
Considering the present global scenario of Covid-19 pandemic students who are going to enter their graduation and post-graduation courses, a BSc and MSc degree in Biochemistry will give them immense opportunity to not only get
To build large building high, bricks, cement, stone chips, blueprint, etc., everything is required Each of these materials will play an important role in determining the shape, size, and structure of the building. Just like
Student Contributors: Manisha De, Shashanka Debnath, Deblina Chakraborty, Indranil Chowdhury (UG VI of B.Sc in Biochemistry) Introduction In recent times, the well-known pandemic COVID-19 has been the most devastating event, taking away the lives worldwide
Student Contributors: Moni Kumari and Soumita Konar, B.Sc 2nd Year, Biochemistry The interplay between humans and the surrounding microbes is inevitable and this is undeniably so for our foreseeable future. To combat the infection, numerous