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The shifting competitive advantage of the IT sector globally and in Bengal

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The shifting competitive advantage of the IT sector globally and in Bengal

India played a significant role in the Information Technology wave globally. A constant supply of technical talent, proficiency in English, business synergies with OECD countries, first moving advantages and dynamic leadership give it a dominance for over three decades.

However, there is a distinct shift that is happening in the space. With ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT), increasing availability of structured data, exponential growth if computing power, virtualization and cloud enablement of infrastructure, smarter algorithm and overall appreciation that the AI winter is over, is having needle shifting impact in the space. And India is keen to ride this wave as well.

The traditional advantages that helped shape IT revolution remains as our competitive advantages, but where we need focus is developing the human talent who can harvest the advantages of data and compute environment. We need, literally thousands of

– Data scientists who will capture, annotate, clean and retrieve data
– Data modellers who will help clean and structure the data
– Mathematicians who will be developing the data models and algorithms
– Computer engineers who will develop new hardware infrastructure, as well maintain them
– Domain experts who will decide what data to capture as well interpret the results

It is in this context, West Bengal is having competitive advantages which can be leveraged from the sub-continent perspectives

– Premier academic institutes with legacy: first IIT, first IIM, first ISI, Jadavpur, Presidency, Kolkata
– Premier researcher institutes: Bose Institute, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, CSIR, VECC
– A tradition of learning, the only city in South Asia with eight Nobel laureates
– A liberal and vibrant culture which attracts talent from across the world

Adamas University, only non-government Unitary University in Bengal, with an integrated campus of ten schools, an academic group heritage of around four decades, with a low ration of student & faculty (who are from some of the most prominent institutions across the world), with complete residential facilities is uniquely positioned to play a lead role in this space. We will propose a more detailed discussion at convenience.

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