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The Tech Era- Its emergence and importance Post Covid19

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The Tech Era- Its emergence and importance Post Covid19


COVID-19 is here for long and it has affected each and everyone in the world across all fields and strata. The existing situation has compelled most of us to be confined at home and like many other sectors; technology is playing a considerable part in the COVID-19 pandemic scenario, in the education sector too it has entered our classrooms much earlier and faster than we could ever imagine.

To each Nation, its students are the future leaders. Our classroom is the house of our future doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. At present computers along with the internet not only aid students learning process but helped discover creativity in addition to imagination and understanding of the technology at a very early. Today each child has access to one machine and that machine opens up the world to him or her.

The technological era

Computer education has always played a major remarkable role in the career development of both young children and youth. The ongoing pandemic, Covid-19 has compelled experts to reconsider the conventional manner of education, and technological education is the answer to build a bridge of communication. Being dynamically used, post-Covid, in almost all educational institutes like schools, colleges as well as big universities, the use of technology has helped the students to develop a newfound interest in the subject of Information Technology. It makes students better thinkers, more creative, and self-confident, providing high-quality technological tools in an amalgamation of IT infrastructure. Students of today’s classroom are more and more inclined towards the use of the new paper-less medium and this has led to more interest in the existing platform at an early age. Students are trying new methods and are more excited than before to attend the classes as the induction of technology has opened up new avenues of exploration and have relieved the monotony of the printed paper books.

Classroom technology

Presenting learning through instructional technology during the COVID crisis, in the classrooms for the young is helping our students to be prepared for future digital demands. Technologies provide access to a huge range of information and open up digital libraries as well as different data for analysis and exploration, which become a perfect magnet to young minds.

It is a sea change that a student is going through and since young learners are becoming more and more accustomed to the advanced process of learning along with editing, formatting, transferring data, or creating word or PDF documents along with programming, designing and apps development in higher classes, it is more likely that they develop an interest in technological career sooner than before. It is thus a giant leap to advancement specifically in the education sector. Suddenly even the novice knows how to use a laptop or a mobile device. and as the old saying goes “necessity is the mother of invention” coding and programming will soon be the new language of communication and any field be it medicine, aviation industry, making bills in shops & malls, industrial process, or even creating presentation slides in application software for taking notes and delivering classroom lectures in colleges or universities, will all succumb to this sudden “man to the machine” transformation.

Innovative technology

Technology is at the pinnacle of research and development, post-Cvid, and provides with a downright encouragement, to generate something new. It is an integral part of every industry in the country starting from agriculture, entertainment, journalism, transportation, real estate, and even manufacturing. New technologies with the developing sciences of artificial intelligence as well as deep learning models have enthralled students of higher classes since long and the ‘digital’ and ‘technological’ revolution, which has brought in an enormous wave of efficacy in addition to effectiveness in almost all industries, mostly due to convenience and COVID. The new data-based technology has opened up ways to change the traditional practices, structures, in addition to our cultures, and we, as parents, facilitators and guides should encourage our students to be innovative, creative and put their utmost efforts to showcase their hidden talents. And it is not a wonder that Educators are choosing the digital revolution besides adapting to new technologies to help students reach their full potential.


However, technology-based careers comprising primarily of scientific reasoning in addition to hard data, being an original, creative, and right-brain thinker is essentially advantageous. Post-Covid the affinity towards Computer technology will grow rapidly than ever before and the workforce value for software professionals will rise along with the technological advancement in addition to the increasing ubiquity of increasing day by day. Most of the industries from healthcare to finance to education to manufacturing, COVID 19 has forced companies to use technologies and to reconstruct every aspect of their operations.  So it is a positive effect that students are exposed to the technological milieu and thus comprehending the trends in the technology is expected to become much easier. But whatever the scenario is post-COVID, there is no denying of the fact the ‘new-norm’ is here to stay and we must nurture our talent in the classrooms whatever way possible, remembering that the future of the Nation is shaped in the classrooms.

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