“Internet”, The quintessential commodities of modern life, has seen exponential increase of its usage over the last few years due to the digital revolution happening around us. Every business from banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, retail, healthcare
AR-VR-MR-The future of higher education
by Prarthita Biswas
on April 29, 2020
Background In the 21st century, technology  is actually taking over education – whether it is skill building programmes in colleges, real world specialized knowledge and learning of abstract ideas in schools. The shift from standard
The innovation in Information and Communication Technology has affected the way in which education is delivered. The education system needs changes to exist in the new technologically advanced world. So, rather than devising an all
Introduction:     In 20-th century a major breakthrough in science came with the discovery of new state of matter, called the superconducting state. Generally materials are divided into three different classes based on their ability
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Background COVID-19 is here for long and it has affected each and everyone in the world across all fields and strata. The existing situation has compelled most of us to be confined at home and