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Tips-For Successful career in Engineering

Tips-For Successful career in Engineering (1) Career

Tips-For Successful career in Engineering

All engineering aspirants have a goal of successful career. ‘Successful’ engineering career don’t happen by chance. Students need to be trained so that they relish an evolving and successful career in their profession. Here few pointers are discussed for a fresher engineers who are at the beginning of their career-

Think like an entrepreneur:

Engineering students are satisfied with their technical job roles and responsibilities. They are not eager to step out from their comfort zone. However, today industries and businesses are competing for more revenue and profit.  They are looking for professionals who are not only technically sound but also ready to take up additional job responsibilities. They should have problem solving skill so that they are able to make strategy to maximize profit and help their company grow. Therefore engineering students need to develop their thinking skill like entrepreneurs in this highly competitive world.

Commonly used Methodology for Problem Solving

Out of Box thinking:

To enhance the chances of being promoted in new, different and challenging assignments only theoretical and practical knowledge of engineering is not enough. If students restrict themselves to a single technical role, it is difficult for them to step into newer superior job roles. By thinking out of the box students can prove themselves as a flexible professional in front of their recruiters. It should be remembered that ‘Innovative Thinking’ lies side by side with the job roles of an engineer.

Be a Team worker:

Engineering is a combination of different sub disciplines and specializations. Therefore, for making any project successful in any industry collaborative work process is needed. Recently nearly every company has more or less taken up the practice of team work and coordination which develop the pillars of proper work flow for engineers. The teamwork skills that employers look for in their future employees are cooperation , contribution, persuasion, reliability, respectfulness , subordination, communication , conflict-resolution, decision making and tolerance.

Importance of Team Work

Keep learning and up skilling:

Technology is the field of research and invention and it is constantly changing. Therefore one needs to be updated continuously. New generation fresh engineers are entering into the workspace every year. They are young and more skilled. Thus it is essential for engineering professional to make themselves compatible with new generation and update themselves with new skillset. It is seen that up skilling increases the confidence at work.

Be innovative:

Innovation is the key driver for today’s engineering world. Innovation and Technology always go hand in hand. When engineers use their skills beyond their work for the welfare of society, we can say they are innovative. Recent companies favor innovative engineers more in their workspace. In this post pandemic era as the human race becoming more and more challenging, engineers are pushed to be innovative. If someone is planning to stay in the same company or industry for a long time, innovation is more important to sustain a long career.

Work hard and be optimistic:

“Genius,” Thomas Edison once said, “is two percent inspiration, ninety-eight percent perspiration.” Though the collage life requires lots of sweat, but the real life started at work spaces. People want highly reliable and easy to use technology. Engineers have to work hard to make the things simple and mass adoptable. To give reliable solution to the complex problem is the real challenge. Though it is difficult to balance optimism with a grasp on reality, if an engineer aspires to lead a company or industry, he should cultivate optimism. As an engineer who is just stepping into the professional world, students at the Adamas University are also trained by their teachers and mentors so that they enjoy an evolving and successful career in their profession.

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