What Awaits India Post-COVID-19 Lockdown: Analysis | Adamas University

What Awaits India Post-COVID-19 Lockdown: Analysis

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What Awaits India Post-COVID-19 Lockdown: Analysis


One sector that would see a transformation in the post-COVID period is education. Though the current academic year has gone topsy turvy, experts say the Indian education system has the dynamics to absorb disturbances from one semester to two.

While the federal and state governments have decided to promote all students in the primary classes – 1-8th standard, those in the higher classes and colleges are stuck, as they could not complete their annual examinations.

 “It is a global phenomenon and barring the delay, I don’t think it would affect the ongoing academic year of students,” said an official of the federal Human Resource Development Ministry, who did not wish to be named.

“During the last two years, online education has picked up. Now with the present situation, it may get strengthened.  16 million students have already enrolled for various courses through the online system, and get the credit transferred to their conventional evaluation up to 20 percent,” he added.

“The educational system can absorb three to six months of break,” said Professor Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, Pro Vice Chancellor of Adamas University in Kolkata. Professor Chowdhury said, this would also trigger a new revolution in education in India – from traditional to e-learning system. He however, said access to stable and high-speed internet and laptops are fundamental for such a system. 

“Many universities and educational institutions have already adopted such a method of teaching, digital mentorship, where the teacher has to engage his students. It is a challenge to teachers and students. Unlike a conventional educational system, digital learning is interactive and collaborative,” said Professor Chowdhury. 

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