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Why pursue BA degree in Bengali from Adamas?

Bengali Literature

Why pursue BA degree in Bengali from Adamas?

Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity. It is a subject which has an ability to transform and contribute to the overall development of an individual as well as the society. Literature is both intensely personal as well as a communal experience. Humanity is a complicated thing and requires an infinite amount of words to describe and analyze. That is the joy of studying literature. The theory thought alongside literature, in combination with analysis gives a student a power of perspective which is very essential for finding containment and peace in communication with different people in the society. Moreover, literature is journey of finding or knowing oneself, as it enables the student with the power of self-analysis and self-criticism, which is the most important factor of both career and character development. So, the discipline of Bengali literature enables to think and write creatively and critically. It explores many new ideas about life and society. The study of Bengali literature helps students to understand human Bengali and our society in its depth. 

A career in Bengali literature entails an undergraduate degree and a post graduate with specialization in some specific area, era and genres of Bengali literature like folklore and folk literature, Tagore literature, literature of Bangladesh, modern Bengali drama, medieval Bengali literature, etc. it also emphasizes on the stylistics and techniques used in Bengali literature, specializations in topics like Chanda and alankar, comparative literature helps in the better understanding of the subject. 

The subject literature is quite dependent on it’s a language for its expression and development, and thus not only literature this course also projects emphasis on the language development by providing Bengali linguistics and grammar as an elective. In order to expertise students in communication and cultural understanding, this course explores literature through film and cultural studies, which is also an elective course. Other elective course includes the genres of short stories and novel which are very important in the graduation level. Moreover, literature provides an insight into the past, present and future of a human civilization and development. 

Why study BA (Honours) in Bengali at Adamas University? 

The Department of Bengali in Adamas University offers a unique experience to the students taken admission in BA program. The program is designed in such a way so as to provide a wholesome knowledge about the subject and its’ application to the students. This program is a 3-year program with six semesters. The program requires the completion of a number of core courses in Bengali, elective courses (as chosen by the student), skill enhancement courses, discipline specific courses, value-added courses as well as specializations. Moreover, to enhance students’ understanding of the applications and to hone their research skills, the curriculum also entails completion of a clinical coursework, summer internship and a research dissertation. The Discipline of Bengali Literature enables to think and write creatively and critically. The course structure is developed in such a way that the academia is blended with applied writing and creative thinking. B.A in Bengali is a unique programme of interdisciplinary learning. Along with the core papers the department also organizes and encourages seminar presentations, practical exposure of research project, etc.  

7 Reasons why you should join Adamas University for pursuing BA Honours in Bengali: 

1. Specializations offered at the Undergraduate level

The Department of Bengali, Adamas University has proved to be a forerunner by introducing electives. We have introduced OBE system.  BA in Bengali Language and Literature is consists of 6 semesters. They have 14 core papers in total. In first 4 years they can take up 1 general elective paper from any other department in SOLACS. 3rd year students only study core papers and 2 discipline specific electives each semester. They also have to do either internship or projects. Department of English, Sociology and School of Science offers the common papers. These courses are meant to grow interests in various fields of literature and society. 

  • Electives: Bengali Short Stories and Novels, Bengali Linguistics and Grammar, Tagore Literature, Film & Culture Studies 
  • DSE: Shishu Sahitya, Katha Sahitya, Introduction to the Literature of Bangladesh, Folklore Studies, Madhyajug, Comparative Literature. 

Here are some of the electives: 

Specialization in Film and Culture Studies: This course consists of the language of camera, film theories, film watching and analysing, reviewing a film. Not only Bengali film but this course introduces to some of the legends of world cinema as well.  

Specialization in Comparative LiteratureLanguage is everywhere, so is literature. This course introduces to some of the richest literary works of the world and gives a sense of where are we standing now.  

Specialization in Madhyajug: Knowing our roots makes our future strong. This subject takes student back to the 13th century and introduces with various Bengali texts which shaped up the present of Bengali Literature. 

2. Syllabus with outcome-based education:  

The syllabus is equipped according to the need of the students, while providing importance to their career requirements as well. It helps them to gain intensive knowledge and prepare them for various competitive exams such as NET, SET, WBSC, IAS, SSC, etc. We have adopted the OBE method and take care of student outcomes with utmost care with slow and advanced learner policy. The teaching method includes both subjective and objective outlooks. These help them to read intensively and write creatively. The teaching method also includes audio visual classes for better understanding of the subject and concepts. Also, cultural and academic activities are carried out frequently to keep the students active and creative, which indirectly helps the students to enhance and gain depth in the subject of Bengali literature. 

3. Grooming for Research: 

The Department emphasizes on conducting research in different areas of research from the undergraduate level itself. Students are groomed to learn and apply their research skills by presenting research papers at various levels. This helps them to get the exposure to diverse sources of knowledge. Research programme includes critical thought process and focus on creating new theories by studying theoretically as well as by gaining practical, field work experience and knowledge. 

4. Internships in Bengali: 

Adamas university provides internship as a part of the curriculum through the placement cell, where students are encouraged to do internship from the undergraduate level in different media platforms, social work organizations, corporate companies, where the students can get a glimpse of the practical and professional field as well as get exposure for the development of various skills. 

5. Placement opportunities: 

The placement cell of Adamas university provides training to the students for placement and internship opportunities by conducting regular classes and training program. Students opting for a job in their final year are provided with placement opportunities. Apart from the facilities provided students can use the knowledge gained for career in academic areas or in news media and publishing house. They are also prepared for WBCS, IAS, SSC, NET, SET, etc. the course structure is designed in a way that covers the entire syllabus. Moreover, knowledge and expertise in the field of Bengali literature to explore their career in various spheres. The student can also opt for teaching career in colleges and universities after qualifying NET or SET. We have skill enhancement courses so that students can go out in the real world as professionals. Today a Bengali student can work in various fields such as publication house, media industry, translator, content writer etc. we take care of all the necessary steps to make them creative as well as eligible. 

6. Teachers as Mentors:  

The teacher-student relationship is healthy. We believe in interactive teaching and the overall development of all students. The Department believes in offering a friendly learning environment where students can acquire knowledge through scaffolding. Teachers play the role of mentors by providing all possible guidance and psychological support to the students across their entire program.  

7. Great Campus Life:  

The Adamas university campus is an eco-friendly, beautiful and green campus that connects the students with nature. It provides an active campus life where students get ample space to mingle with students and faculties of other departments, which help them to socialize and learn with different people. There are different clubs for co-curricular activities in order to enhance different talents. Clinics are there to provide care for physical fitness as well as psychological consultation for mental wellbeing.  


To know more about the program, check out: https://socialsciences.adamasuniversity.ac.in/Bengali/ 

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