Adamas University: Successfully imparting Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence | Adamas University

Adamas University: Successfully imparting Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Adamas University: Successfully imparting Intelligence using Artificial Intelligence

With simulation of human intelligence in a machine, artificial intelligence (AI)is befitting substantially in our day-to-day life. Human cognitive activity is mimicked through machine learning and it has quietly become ubiquitous in different ways. From very popular movies like A Space Odyssey and Star Wars to thermal imaging in recent COVID-19 pandemic, AI is accustomed as a central core in the digital transformation of society. Each day new algorithms in AI are updated which has a potential to bring enormous changes in near future. This automated technology can bring infinitesimal revolution in everyone’s life.

AI: up scaled the teaching-learning pedagogy in Adamas university

The state of play is also sandbagging us towards the implementation of AI in our day-to-day affairs. Pandemic has already devastated the current education system and with each passing day we are hanging more towards the newer technologies to run the show in a continuous manner. At the very high time newly implemented advanced technologies have been adopted by Adamas University through QS-IGAUGE which certifies the preparedness of the university to conduct online teaching and learning. Our proud moment to receive the prestigious E-learning certification from QS came on 27th June 2020 and Adamas University is the only renowned private university in east-northeast India to receive this award.

AI at our schools

Every corner of our university is well-equipped with modern facilities. Whether it is related to lab facilities, classrooms or conference rooms. To the tune of these facilities, we can proudly announce and commit that “Yes we can provide quality education to our students”. We have modern news rooms, advanced audio recording facility, Mac lab for editing, high-end cameras, sophisticated biological laboratories, highly equipped computer labs, instrument labs, dispensing pharmacy and physical pharmaceutics lab, pharmacology labs, pharmaceutical analysis labs etc. included in the lab infrastructure of different schools and AI is acting as a cornerstone in the establishment of all these laboratory infrastructures.  

Students are practising AI in their projects

Teachers of Adamas University through advanced curriculum and experimental learning have well trained their students in advance to tackle all the upcoming future challenges and definitely they are going to shine in their future with this type of teaching learning process. One live example for the above statement is one of our bright students named Ankit from department of computer Science and Engineering. They have committed with the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) on detection of Parkinson’s disease with the use of AI. In 2019 Rahul Sarkar student of Electrical Engineering Department of school of Engineering and Technology has implemented AI in his project entitled Smart Vehicular Automation system and awarded a bronze medal in the 50th All India student design competition-2019. The list of such students is endless which has gratified our university with their intelligence using artificial intelligence.

We are successfully running Robotics and artificial Intelligence clubs

We have solely constituted robotics and artificial intelligence clubs which are organising hands-on workshops and conferences emphasising on the basics and advancements of the AI. Very recently on September 6th, 2019 Adamas Robotics and artificial intelligence club has organized a one-day Hands-on Workshop on “Robogyan” for Adamas World School.

AI in our habits

Our day in Adamas starts with AI at the entrance where regularly temperature has been checked with non-contact thermal imaging system. Implementation of biometric punching machine for head counting, making use of biometric system during lunch hour in canteen, operating automated coffee machines, use of food vending machines, all these seems to be a minute part of AI but it has automated our habits very efficiently.

AI in removing international boundaries from Education

AI has made online education even more wide spread than ever before. AU is also not behind in this aspect. The Pandemic has not stopped the university to provide an international level of education to its students. The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology has organised international e-conference namely “Changing waves in Healthcare Research: Focus of Post Covid Era” in the month of April’ 21. Mentioning just the name of only one conference has not stopped the list there. The list of e-conferences and webinars conducted by AU is endless.

Looking forward in the development of efficient automated tool using AI to conquer the deadly devil (Covid-19)

In the era of Covid-19 we are wondering more about the devastated situation of the mankind and for the welfare of human being our university has taken a bold step to conquer the devil using artificial intelligence. Adamas University recently partnered with Elmax Systems & Solutions (ESS) to develop an automated detection and diagnostic tool to detect the Novel coronavirus disease.

Helmut Schmidt has rightly said “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”. AU also believes that there is always a scope of challenging the present situation for the development of the University and rigorously works towards the same to cope up with the present hardships.

At this pandemic situation where, entire system is suffering with conditional hardships, Adamas university has proven its technological capabilities well in advance by receiving the QS IGAUGE E_LEAD certificate which defines the adaptability and achievement of the university to conduct the online classes. Therefore, it is needless to mention that AU is always ready to accept challenges to improve the virtual education system and thus, it is believed that in near future also the university will take all necessary steps to achieve the excellence.

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