AI or Artificial Intelligence, has become the latest technical catchword. However, we tend to forget that the first application of AI, was developed more than 75 years back in 1943, by a scientist, William McCulloch
The scenario of biotechnology is changing very rapidly. Similarly, information technology is also growing at an equal pace. The combination of biology along with information technology has created a new branch of biology which is
Advanced technology play an important role in helping humans in containing the spread of virus and handling the existing cases during global fight against COVID-19.Robotics is one of the advanced technology which became very popular
Co-contributor: Ms. P Soni Reddy, CSIR Senior Research Fellow, University of Kalyani, India The global outbreak of new pandemics like Covid-19 poses a serious threat to the safety and sustainability of humanity on the earth.
Student members: Anwesha Bose (Biotechnology, 3rd year. Adamas University), Soumyajit Chandra (Biotechnology, 3rd year, Adamas University) The sudden outbreak of highly contagious COVID 19 has led humanity at stake. The high infectivity of the virus combined