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Mathematics offers diversified scopes in the aspect of career opportunities


Mathematics offers diversified scopes in the aspect of career opportunities

“Without Mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is a number”

Mathematics is a subject, which can show the path to a number of different scopes. After completing Graduation and/or Post Graduation in Mathematics, doing B.Ed. may open several career opportunities to a learner. COVID-19 pandemic, literally, has brought different threats in front of us. Conducting a regular schooling system is one among many. Introducing online schooling, managing students virtually, and making them engage in the study was like an unknown path to many of the teachers as well as administrators. However, the crisis has been minimized now, but not consummated. Subject, like Mathematics, is a fear file to many school-goers, then and now. Not only having a B.Ed. degree certificate in own bag is enough to minimize the anxiety associated with mathematics learning, one has to use the learned knowledge as well.

Why B.Ed. after UG/PG in Mathematics?

  • The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) course will show the path of how to connect Mathematics with the environment, as well as nature.
  • It helps to learn about different teaching strategies, other than the traditional Lecture and Question-Answer method
  • helps a would-be teacher to learn the appropriate teaching strategies for explaining a particular topic
  • Ed. guides a would-be teacher to gain innovative ways to engage the learners in a Mathematics class
  • shows a way to explain Mathematical concepts and ideas in an easier way
  • helps to understand that connecting new knowledge to already existing knowledge is how much important for learning Mathematics.
  • Internship during the course will help the would-be teacher to gain hands-on experience in teaching Mathematics under the supervision of a teacher.

Career Opportunities after having B.Ed. and UG/PG in Mathematics:

  • TGT/PGT: Since the ancient age, teaching is one of the most sophisticated jobs. After completing UG/PG in Mathematics and B.Ed. one can go for the teaching profession. The scope of being a Mathematics teacher in a school is always open for the prospective teachers, even during the pandemic and post-pandemic time reputed private institutions recruited Mathematics teachers, as the need of the hour is something different. Teaching-learning system is now e-based almost. So, institutions and schools require a number of well-groomed and subject knowledge expert faculties. Managing students over virtual platforms, explaining the subject matter, engaging students, completing the required portion on time as well handling evaluation processes are required at a time. B.Ed., as a professional course, will help one to learn all of those and even one can practice during internship time. The Bachelor of Education degree in India offers compulsory internships in renowned Govt.-aided, private, and even International Schools, which is helpful to learn all the above-mentioned aspects.

To apply for the post of TGT and PGT teachers in Govt., Govt.-aided, and Private schools, having a Bachelor of Education (Two Years, regular) degree is compulsory now. As per the existing curriculum of B.Ed., the would-be teacher must have to select one school subject as the method paper. Those who have UG/PG in Mathematics can select the subject as the method paper, which will guide them to learn different teaching strategies, identify appropriate teaching strategies for a topic, prepare and use teaching-learning materials, etc.

  • Online Content Creator: In the Post-Pandemic era, the online content development-related job is one of the best. Different educational institutions and coaching centres are ready to recruit experienced as well as fresher Subject Knowledge Experts to develop their content. Mathematics, as a subject, is abstract in nature. That’s why companies required such people who can make Mathematical knowledge more interesting to the children. B.Ed. can help one to flourish as an online content creator. Maximum companies required employees who have B.Ed. degree.
  • Online Tutoring: In Post-pandemic times, schools are not running in regular ways. Explaining practice-based subjects, like Mathematics, and simultaneously fulfilling all the queries of the learners, clearing all the doubts, and completing the subject matter within time is really challenging for teachers. Naturally, the need for online tutoring arose. After completing the B.Ed. degree, mathematics students can grow their careers as online tutors. There are few reputed sites that can show the path by providing contact numbers of the help seekers. Students having UG/PG degrees in Mathematics and B.Ed. can continue as a freelancer as well as may attach with any reputed companies like Byju’s, Tutopia, or any local company.

To become a freelancer in online Mathematics tutoring, the most in-trend method is to create one YouTube channel and make videos on different topics of Mathematics. B.Ed. will help the video creator to illustrate the subject matter in an easier way. The B.Ed. programme actually helps the trainee-teachers about different teaching-learning models. It helps to prepare an effective plan to utilize the instruction-giving time at its highest level. Concept formation is the most required thing when one is going to teach mathematics over a virtual platform as well as in physical mode. No doubt, this is tougher in virtual mode. B.Ed. will guide about different strategies of concept formation.

Another aspect of the online freelancing tutoring job is to provide private tutoring. Students within India, as well outside of India are help seekers in case of Mathematics learning. Parents are much more conscious about this, today. B.Ed. will help a job-seeker to establish a career. Professional guidance about how to teach, how to explain Mathematics in an easier way, how to conduct a formative evaluation as well as a summative, and what are the needs for conducting a formative and summative evaluation is much more needed thing before starting this job.

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