An Insight To BBA.LLB (H) : An Unique Combination Of A Lawyer And Entrepreneur | Adamas University

An Insight To BBA.LLB (H) : An Unique Combination Of A Lawyer And Entrepreneur

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An Insight To BBA.LLB (H) : An Unique Combination Of A Lawyer And Entrepreneur

To a scholar, deep driving within oneself inherits different attires to bloom with creativity. The world is based on rationale to aspire for business where the basic expertise needed is Law. This is where, one must hunt for their qualities into professional course BBA.LL.B(H) (BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND BACHELOR OF LEGISLATIVE LAWS) which demands discipline and troubleshooting oneself to be influential and authoritative as one must aspire to be. This 5 year integrated short term educational course certifying dual degree to gain specialization in commerce and management balancing the hold on Law and Governance.  A fresher would surely think of how one could gain and earn the standard of managerial and entrepreneurial skills with a calibre to present sound judgement. This could be surely built with the subjects incorporated within the program. For instance, Organizational Behaviour is a subject which makes a person inherit attitude of Interdisciplinary, humanistic and optimistic approach which plays a lead role to sharpen the plan of management of a person. A professional graduate will obviously dream to catch an interview in reputed firms, decked up in formals and out performing their attributes towards an organisation. This must not be fantasy but real truth. 

To highlight further this program offers lucrative career as the subjects introduced within the young mind are developed with research projects, analysis of case studies, internships, on job training, moot practical, industrial tours and many more. Every business entity or organization around the world governs on certain principles authorised by the administrator and followed by employee. But, in order to implement and govern the policies authorised, there must be professionals human resource manager with an efficient legal skills who knows the legality trained by the subject of human resource management and incorporate to manage nuisance of labour laws, effective response to legal notices and could aid the entity in drawing legal strategies.  To expose more, there are various start-ups thriving with reputed entity to merge and acquire in order to stand in this competitive world. This demands for Financial manager, Company Secretary, Business Consultant and Assistant Advisor who has mastery in subjects of Law of Contract, Company Law, Business Strategy, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics and many more. Where these licensed experts could dig into the loopholes of balance sheet and enjoy drafting the contract, considering the ethics and policies of business and advising in case of any discrepancy. The most fascinating fact about the program is that a graduate who prefers to work for government may opt for judiciary or an Attorney General who are experienced judges or barristers in High Court for minimum 5 years. Moreover, an UPSC aspirant could have a great support for preparation in subjects on Administrative Law, Constitutional law, Jurisprudence, Human Rights, Good Governance and many more which secures the base for future and designate on the service as Assistant Director. One must not be aware that this program could open numerous opportunities in National High Speed Rail Corporation as a Manager and Deputy Director in Warehousing Development and regulating Authority rewarding great luxury with all amenities. It is natural to have a curiosity to know about the placements. A graduate based on their expertise into specialization are offered into top notch corporate firms like Tata Motors, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Cognizant, IBM, and others. A graduate well built and creative thinking can fly high to catch with leading internships around the world refining their area of interest. The program guide would be incomplete without the eminent professor treasuring their specialization into this integrated field and nurture the future of the youth as well as the world.

Thus, this professional course offered by Adamas University and various University across the world, certifying an eligibility to the aspirants who must have completed (10+2) securing an average of 45%. A fresher would be wise and concrete to search for global university having international collaboration, with excellent facilities in order to have pleasant stay during the course of their journey. Hence, to flaunt the power of law, possessing skills into business in this competitive world, overpowers the professionals within the course to always out shine the best of their calibre to execute one’s want towards their life. This enthusiasm leads to greater opportunities within the field of business and law setting higher standards from other professionals.

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