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MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management- Unique Aspects

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MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management- Unique Aspects

As globalization and technological innovation continue to etch new contours on the landscape of business, supply chain management continues to evolve. In such a dynamic scenario, this program equal importance on the state-of-art know-how in supply chain management as it does on the fundamentals.

Most of the companies have identified supply chain management as a route to competitive advantage. Through supply chain companies aim to achieve two polemic goals: effectiveness and customer satisfaction. In fact supply chain serves as a road map to enterprise success. Supply chain encompasses all the functional areas of an enterprise. Integration of areas such as procurement, processing and distribution is possible through proper management and control of supply chain operations. Technology plays a vital role in managing supply chain and making it efficient and effective in all its operations. Information Technology has helped in seamless integration of supply chain. Decisions in supply chain are mostly information-based and IT contributes to speed in collection, processing and distribution of information at various decision-making points across the supply chain.

Some of the supply chain strategies are based on the physical assets and industry in which the companies operate and dictated by the firms place in the value chain, namely, upstream, mid-stream or down-stream. There are four generic supply chain strategies for gaining competitive advantage: rationalization, synchronization, customization and innovation. In today’s context, it is not the product or enterprise that competes, but rather it is the supply chain of one company that is pitted against the supply chain of another. Hence, all business managers and those aspiring for careers in supply chain should have an in-depth knowledge about its functioning.      

MBA in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a lucrative professional program that is gaining huge impetus in the era of global value chain. Logistics Management is referred to as the principles of management & administration towards making the overall process of logistics operations as seamless as possible. Logistics management is known to be a part of supply chain management. The given discipline is known to deal with activities related to planning, executing, and controlling the seamless flow, both forward & backward, along with the storage of goods, services, and other related information between the source & its destination of industry.

Pedagogy of the Program

It is important for the Indian companies to learn from the developed countries in the west, even tried and trusted solutions may not always be applicable to Indian firms. Issues such as poor infrastructure, large number of customers at the base of the economic pyramid and complex distribution and taxation structures require solutions specific to the Indian context. This program addresses these issues by blending the best global supply chain practices with an in-depth knowledge of the Indian environment, encouraging practitioners and students to innovate. Numerous real-life examples of firms that have successfully evolved their supply chain management strategies help students relate to the concept presented and making learning easier for them.  

MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain Management is known to be designed for the purpose of catering to the rapid advancements taking place in the field of Logistics Management. The program is known to provide the students with the option of picking up from elective & major streams, including Business Management, Accounting, Operations Management, Systems Management, Marketing, Logistics, Supply Chain Management and one year’s compulsory internship in the industry through SAFEX. Students will get a monthly stipend during the internship period of one year.

Throughout the program, while presenting mathematical models, every possible attempt has been made to foster among the students an intuitive feeling for the concepts described. The approach is intended to benefit those students who are intimidated by the use of mathematics.  The course is considered to be ideal for the students who possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills. It is also meant for the students who are capable of working in a fast-paced environment while possessing the capability of coping up with the pressure of strict deadlines.

Career Opportunities

India is on the cusp of Logistics and Supply Chain operations. The future of  Logistics and Supply Chain looks bright with many opportunities coming in the way. Advancements in digital technologies, changing consumer preferences due to e-commerce, government reforms, and shift in service sourcing strategies are expected to lead the transformation of the Indian logistics & supply chain ecosystem.

Adamas University has designed this program jointly with SAFEX Logistics Co Ltd to provide advanced learning to the eligible candidates in the fields of:

  • Operations management
  • Business communication
  • Shipping & logistics industry
  • Basics of Finance & Marketing
  • Managerial, business, and administrative issues of industry
  • Economics
  • Packing and Transportation etc

Students  after completion of MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management will get jobs as:

  • Logistics Executive
  • Export Executive
  • Materials Manager
  • Shipping Coordinator
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Operations Manager
  • Sourcing and Fulfilment Executive

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