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Engineering as a career option at Adamas University

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Engineering as a career option at Adamas University

Engineering and Technology has been and will always be one of the most sought after career paths for the brightest minds. And why should it not be? Even today, while there is a general belief going around that the profession has reached saturation and that many of the engineering graduates are not employable, in our country a major shift has happened towards adoption of digital means, tools and methods in all spheres of life with robots, sensors, intelligent computers et al. Major global technology companies have set up base in India and are engaged in manufacturing and services of products that caters to the next generation of consumer demand.

The School of Engineering and Technology at Adamas University, in its 6th year of operation was built on the strong foundations of the Adamas Institute of Technology which delivered quality engineering education for more than 10 years.

Making the right choices are now even more important given that there are so many alternatives to choose from. At Adamas University, the students’ options start from making a decision on whether they are interested in the Technology track or the Bio-medical engineering track. For students having biology as a subject and keen to pursue a career in this very interesting area will be studying Biomechanics, Biomedical Instrumentation, Prosthetics and such other courses in the 4 year Bio Medical Engineering BTech program. The career options are amazing both in the Industry and the Academics.

Students who are interested to pursue the technology track can choose from a bouquet of specialized programs. In the under-graduate level, students have the option to pursue a 4 year BTech, a 3 year BCA or a 3 year BSc (Computer Science) program.

At Adamas University, at the time of admission every 4 year BTech engineering aspirant student gets the opportunity to create a customized program structure that they would like to take up. The program structure has been designed keeping in mind the need of the engineers of tomorrow i.e. “STEM+A” (meaning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics along with elements of the Study of the Arts).

4 Year BTech Program Structure and choices:

  • Choice of vanilla engineering courses, Students get to choose from Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering
  • Add-on a Specialization from the same discipline or a Minor Course from another discipline or a diploma in management
  • Add-on a major hands-on project (“Capstone” project) that runs through 5 semesters. Students may choose from “working on automated electric vehicle”, “working on drones’ or “working on smart city infrastructure”.
  • Mandatory courses on EQ (emotional quotient) development, social responsibility development and design
  • Add-on access to the “Beautiful Mind Program” which is a state-of-the-art programming lab designed specifically for the lovers of computer programming
  • Add-on access to more than 20 clubs like Robotics and IOT, Entrepreneurship et al.

The “Beautiful Mind Program” prepares the engineering graduate for the employment. As we know, today most companies look for hands on experience to a greater detail. The exposure created by this interesting program creates the opportunity for students to grab the more interesting job roles. The program focusses on self-learning and what we know as “learning to learn”. This structured program runs parallel to the main program and offers 5 learning path to anyone with a passion for software design and programming.

Through the “Capstone project” students get the opportunity to “learn by doing”. The practical experience also helps students in self-discovery. For example, a student who has chosen to pursue computer science, may realize that his / her real interest lies in some other areas like automobile technology and then switch track as necessary; or not.

In today’s time, Emotional Quotient or EQ has become more important than IQ to achieve success in life. Your EQ is the level of your ability to understand other people, what motivates them and how to work cooperatively with them. Self-awareness (confidence), Self-regulation (handle emotions), Motivation (attitude commitments) , Empathy (recognize how people feel), Social skills (communication and collaboration) are the 5 main components of EQ. At Adamas University, the engineering program incorporates a well-designed course on EQ that covers the above aspects through a number of interesting applications like movie making, drama, debate, public speaking et al.

There are 3 specializations that students may choose from while studying the 4 year BTech in Computer Science & Engineering. They are AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence), Cyber Security & Forensics and Blockchain Technology. The 3 year BCA program offers 2 specializations in the areas of “Gaming and Animation” and “Banking & Financial Services”.

Robotics and IOT are creating huge opportunities and these are sectors that are expected to grow rapidly. Responding to this challenge, Adamas University’s 4 Year BTech program in Electronics and Communications Engineering offers 2 specializations covering IOT, Robotics and Embedded Technologies.

Keeping up with the Industry needs of today and tomorrow, the core programs of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering are offering specialization in Solar & Renewable Energy, Design Engineering and Smart Cities Infrastructure Management respectively.

Just like the bouquet of under-graduate programs, the School of Engineering & Technology at Adamas University also offers a wide range of specialized MTech and MCA programs.

To sum it up, the newly introduced program structure, the courses and the wide-range of choices at Adamas University promises to offer every engineering student a journey that is truly unique and experiential.

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