Responsibility of electronics and communication engineers in fight against COVID19 epidemic | Adamas University

Responsibility of electronics and communication engineers in fight against COVID19 epidemic

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Responsibility of electronics and communication engineers in fight against COVID19 epidemic


By means of Covid-19 contaminations rising worldwide, there is too growing concern regarding a need of vital life-saving appliances and more essential medical assets to avoid the extend of the pandemic and offer best possible care to those affected. In addition, for COVID-19 related patients, who might require vital care, ventilators provide as a critical medical option earlier than a pharmacological treatment is recognized. A large diversity of test-kits (antibody examples, self-administered) need a quickening in the manufacturing procedure. The increasing demand for diagnostics investigations, ventilators, other critical medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), has additionally augmented the demand for medical based electronics in excess of the forecast phase (2020-2025).

Electronics and Communication Engineering Vs Covid19

Electronics and Communication Engineering  participate  a extremely significant position in providing automated resolutions like  infection supervision, incorporating sensor scheme in a android based smart phone for early recognition of infection indications like aarogya setu app, sensor-related sanitizer dispenser, thermal scanner etc. so, utilisation of electronics components, incorporation with  sensors, wifi connectivity, and remote workability etc are the basic requirements for this epidemic  apparatus.

Individuals with this explicit information are providing, and will provide appreciably in developing automatic technology in combating against this type of epidemic. When the World Health Organization (WHO) established the Corona virus as a deadly disease and immediately several countries have imposed lockdown process to prevent the spread of this disease. As per a market study, electronics company await minimum five to six-week manufactured goods dispatching delay from dealers because of the corona virus pandemic. Along with these difficulties, the electronics engineers have worked in R & D sectors in combating beside the pandemic and performing as a mainstay to all the leading staff (Doctors, Nurshing staffs, House keeping staffs, Health workers, Administration staffs like Ministers etc.). One of the important techniques of reducing the spread of the infection in common public areas has been to distantly note the temperature of persons when they move through selected regions. Different electronics monitoring appliances came into marketplace to note the temperature of the common public. Electronics peoples mainly favour infrared rays to calculate the temperature of a group of persons.

There are few more appliances that are further complex in operation, like wearable temperature supervising equipments thermal imaging related cameras, drones, robots, etc. Basically, each appliance on the forefront to calculate the temperature of a person with no direct contact. Drone is also used to monitor social distancing.

Social Responsibility by Electronics and Communication Engineers

To precisely examine the information to predict and supervise the extend of the disease crosswise countries, the life span of patients and obtain the stress off forefront radiologists, the Internet of Things (IoT), deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  techniques are being utilized. At present, satellite communication offers high-baud rate, multi-media patient data to assist shared medical resolution-making and timely analysis. Distant visual and phone discussions or video conferencing assist in various surgeries diminishing the spread of viruses.

The utilize of satellite communication permits quarantined analysis with no danger of face-to-face touch, because of the infectious character of COVID19.

Drones are now dominant equipments to visualize and communicate in complicated and infected areas. In an attempt to sterilize public areas and avoid the further extend of COVID19,few health care organizations have experienced out methods to arrange agriculture based showering drones to sanitize infected regions most effectively. These drones are occupied with sanitizers as a substitute of pesticides.

Few more drones are utilised by infrared cameras to examination body temperature calculations. Some health care centres approved wide-ranging distant temperature calculation in mainly building compounds by  using drones. Furthermore to road surveillance, few organizations are utilizing drones to broadcast information concerning lockdown processes, particularly  in the rural region that absences open communication paths for health related issues.

 Robots to sanitize nursing homes, hospitals and autonomous aerial vehicle drones to transport medical provisions and foods are being supported by general positioning system or satellite navigation technique. AI is being utilized to process large quantity of data to develop a antibody. By means of the use of a trajectory-tracing algorithm ,It is possible to display real-time chorography of disease positions and recognize hotspot zones. After evaluating the position of the cause of disease with respect to the frequent way of employees’ daily travel, and inspecting the population density  and vehicles with respect to dissimilar time, the method may re-structure a secured drive to work. To authenticate approach to online school classes based on the position of pupils and also the time satellite Communication technique is used. Geo-location detection technique is being used in a few countries, to update people whether they have been in near contact by a virus carrier and to quarantine them. So, navigation, internet of things, satellite communication,  mobile telecare system, geo-observation merged with independent technologies and geographic statistics schemes are performing a crucial task in distributing health protection, avoiding cross-contamination between doctors and virus carriers.

Finally the  technology not just improves delivery of crucial medical equipments and samples but too decreases the risk of contact to health care staff which prepared a main difference in efforts to fight the corona virus.

Knowledges like Machine learning, Location detection Technology, Artificial Intelligence and autonomous equipments separately from Electronic healthcare kit are also participating  a rising position in responding to COVID-19 epidemic where a lot has been and still being donated by Electronics People. Anyway, in this battle in opposition to  unseen enemy, a huge salute to the forefront soldiers and hero of our country – healthcare staffs, doctors, house keeping staffs, media, local police, security guards, etc.

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