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Opportunities of Career Building in Commerce Domain

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Opportunities of Career Building in Commerce Domain

Commerce is a branch of business. As per James Stephenson, Commerce is called a very useful organized system mainly meant for exchange of goods & services among all the members of the industry globally. It generally includes all activities which are involved in exchange of goods and services in consideration of money. It becomes the backbone in formation of the market as well as the economy of the organization and the nation. According to one of the Aptitude tests conducted by “The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education” for Secondary School Certificate, it showed that more than 17, 36,100 students throughout the state took the online aptitude test, out of which 21% of students showed interest in commerce education. It is highest in all technical and non-technical courses.  

Some often statements we had come across earlier: 

  • Average students who do not get a seat in Science, go for commerce” 
  • In Commerce stream, limited career scopes is seene.g.:B.Com, M.Com, Chartered Accountant and  Company Secretary” 
  • “Only students who are having family business should go for commerce” 

The above statements are only some ideas that used to prevail in our society that convinced parents, relatives, and friends to believe which was not based on any truth. 

However, in reality, the commerce stream just like science, or humanities opens up many directions and career-building opportunities for a student. Commerce stream is emerging as one of the demanding study options among the students. A commerce student is seen as a significant and valuable asset in an organization due to their knowledge of practical business activities 

Careers for Commerce students: 


  • Teachers have the capability to make leaders of the future in the best possible way for the societies, and to build positive, encouraged, and inspired coming generations and therefore shape society, both locally and globally. 
  • If we consider teaching, we will find that it is a remarkable option for a career aspirant. 
  • After completion of graduation, one has to either pursue a bachelor’s in Education (for school-level teaching) or go for higher studies i.e Masters, and thereafter qualify for the National Eligibility Test for university-level teaching. 

Chartered Accountancy 

  • Commerce students have a beautiful career option in course of Chartered Accountancy. It is a globally recognized professional course run by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). 
  • A Chartered Accountant deals with different sorts of domains of business eg: Audit, Investment, Taxation, Finance, etc. with a view to increasing the profitability of the organization.  
  • Students have to pass the entrance examination i.e., Foundation Course after completion of 12th standard. It will be followed by IPCC, Articleship, and lastly final year examination.   
  • Candidates have the option to go for professional opportunities in government or private organizations. They can also go for private practice after gaining a few years of experience. 

 Company Secretary 

  • The course ‘Company Secretary’ is a professional one governed by the ICSI.  
  • The Company Secretary is taking care of the skilled administrative activities of a company. They ensure legal and statutory compliance by the organization. They also look after governance-related issues like proper implementation of the decisions of the board of directors.  

 Cost and Management Accounting 

  • Cost and Management Accountants are skilled professionals dealing in Cost management, performance evaluation, and asset management, budgeting of an organization.  
  • It is a certificate course conducted by ICAI.  
  • They work together with corporate executives for preparing the financial plan & strategy of the companies. 


One of the most trending career options that gives self earning capability to students 

  • Stockbroking is buying and selling of stocks, securities, etc. in the financial markets namely Nifty and Sensex.   
  • Stockbrokers have to manage investments in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and derivatives on behalf of their clients.  
  • They also advise them about market fluctuations.  
  • Stock Broker can work in any organizations like brokerage firms, investment banks,  insurance companies, etc or and can  work as an independent broker after gaining a sufficient experience 


A student can also set up their own business, referred to as a start-up.  


Students who are from a commerce background have good opportunities for jobs  in the banking sector also– clerk, probationary officer, specialist officer, customer relationships officer. 


There is also good scope as working as an insurance agent. An insurance agent can get a promotion with good skills of communication, motivation, and connectivity with society. Insurance jobs may be available both in the government as well as the private sector. 

Self Profession/ Business

A commerce student, having knowledge in Accountancy, Costing, Law, Finance, has a better idea in dealing with Business activities such as filing of Income tax returns, GST return, making vouchers, costs calculation and overall idea in the contemporary financial markets. 

However, no stream can help any student to excel in a career if there is a lack of determination, sincerity, and hard work.  

. “AMBITION is the first step towards achieving success, second step is ACTION!”

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