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Career opportunities in Advertising Industry: A blend of Creative and Strategic Skills

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Career opportunities in Advertising Industry: A blend of Creative and Strategic Skills


Advertising is the art of conveying creative messages to audiences. In other words, we can say it’s a paid information blended with innovative ideas to influence the customers with strategic planning. To add on to that once Jef. I. Rechard said, “Creative without strategy is ‘art’. Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.” Advertisements are an integral part of daily lives, one can skip them but can not ignore them. According to research, an average consumer sees up to three thousand ads per day. Advertising plays a crucial role to promote any business be it a product, service, or disseminating any idea. The several modes of advertising are Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio, Mobile Phones, Hoardings, and the most important Internet especially various Social Media Platforms. Through advertising, the seller imparts information about any idea to peruse its customers and target audiences. The various advertising formats are Print ads such as Leaflets, Hoardings (Out of Home ads), Newspaper or magazine prints, and in the electronic format’s live storytelling mode (Feature ads), Audio – Visual ads (TVCs), Audio advertising, GIFs, etc. 

Advertising is one of the important department of any industry or any government or non – governmental initiative that ensures the industry’s competitiveness and spreading awareness in the corporate setup. The main objective of advertising is to encourage the promotion or sales of the advertiser’s product. Advertising creates the framework of audiences’ minds, individual and collective impressions in the favour of the advertiser’s interest.  

Growth in Advertising Industry 

According to a report by ‘Business Today,’ the Indian advertising industry is expected to grow 10.8 percent to reach Rs. 62,577 Crore by the end of this year. The rapid growth of digital advertising witnessed huge growth in 2020 due to pandemic and as per the Dentsu Digital Report, this industry is expected to reach Rs.70,343 Crore by 2022. The Indian advertising industry is all set to provide quality jobs in the fast-growing financial system. The specialization engages the creative and strategic talent in the Industry by providing different types of careers. The growth of the advertising industry is highly dependent on the dispersion of various media platforms such as Print, Electronic, and Digital Media. India, with its developing economy and provides abundant opportunities to new talents and creative minds to promote various campaigns for different products and services. Not only global or national media hubs but regional market and vernacular media markets also generate huge demand for strategic and creative advertising by professionals.  

Skills required to outshine in Advertising Industry  

For any aspirant who wants to pursue advertising as their career option, then one has to be creative to bring up outstanding ideas to disseminate the information to the audience. Working for an advertising concern needs one to have communication skills, the ability to understand customers’ minds, reasonable knowledge of media trends, problem-solving attitude, ability to take criticism, designing, and technical skills. There are many universities, institutes and colleges are offering many degrees, diplomas, and specializations in Advertising and Communication Management. 

Job opportunities in Advertising Industry  

The fast-growing advertising industry creates various job roles. The new-age ad world goes beyond conventional methods. For conventional and non – conventional advertising and planning, the Industry require well-trained professionals. The ad world industry is very highly creative and strategically dynamic. The job opportunities are diverse and specialization-based into various subdivisions. They offer various positions in the field of creative, art, production, media planning, client servicing (accounts), and research. The aspiring candidates of advertising may opt for these positions as per their interest and specialization. The various job titles offered are: 

Copywriter and Illustrator – Copywriters are the creative entities of any advertising concern. They conceptualize the idea from the creative team and write it down aligned with the concept. The illustrator creates the layout (storyboard) of the advertisement concept. The format can be anything like print, audiovisual, radio, or digital ads and this is the person who is responsible for the entire text/ words which will be used for advertisement. When we recall the slogan “Kuch Mitha Ho Jaye” then Cadbury floats in our mind, also like “Dag Ache Hain” for Surf Excel. 

Media Researcher– The research department provides the details of audience demographic and psychographic details to the media planner. The research professionals are from different professional backgrounds such as communication, statistics, sample techniques, psychographics, sociology. The various job titles are Public Opinion Researcher, Executive Research Adviser, Associate Media Research Director, etc. 

Creative Director – The creative director and the subordinating team design and conceptualize the whole idea of the advertisement. The creative department consists of copywriting and art departments. The same way Art Director and team visualize the idea of the campaign.  

Account Planner – The account planner and the Account planning team is involved in strategic planning like selecting clients, budgeting, selecting the right media for advertisement, discussing with clients and the market research team. The positions related to this profile are account service assistant, account executive, senior account executive, and accounts supervisor or accounts manager. 

Adverting Media Planner– Media planning is one of the most important departments, wherein media planners help the ad agencies to choose the best outlet or medium to reach the target audiences. They plan, schedule, purchase the space from print media and OHH (Out of Home) ads, time from electronic media, and slots and positions from digital media (internet). 

Client Service Executive/ Manager – They are the most crucial people between an advertising agency and the client. They act as mediators between external and internal departments in an organization. They analyze the requirement of a client and the delivery of the creative department.  

Apart from the above, many other career avenues enhance the advertising industry such as Digital Marketing, Graphics Designers (Graphics, Photoshop, and Illustrator), Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization experts, business development managers, and so on.  

Media students are mostly looking forward to various print and electronic media channels. The best of creative minds with strategic aspirants seek opportunities in advertising and planning giants such as Leo Burnet, RK Swamy -BBDO, Rediffusion Dy and R, Lintas India Ltd., Ogilvy & Mather Ltd, and Mudra Communications Ltd. The global impact of Indian creativity is noticed and appreciated worldwide. The Indian Advertising agencies are handling national and international brands and are providing numerous opportunities to new talents with a blend of creative skills and strategic thinking. That’s the reason father of modern advertising David Ogilvy said, “In the modern world of business, it is useless to be creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.” 

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