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July, 2020, the world is facing an unprecedented situation, the Covid 19 pandemic. This has struck us hard. Yet as is said every cloud has a silver lining. The human race is perhaps trying to cope with the toughest situation ever. Despite of so many negative aspects, these dark times have introduced us to some wonderful qualities and capacities of mankind. And of course not to forget electronics and telecommunication technology. That has proved itself to be one of man’s best inventions and his most trusted friend. In these odd times, seclusion from society and isolation have come up as acclaimed safety measures. But humans are social beings by instinct and love to thrive in communities. Therefore, we have denied detachment from our job, our duties and above all our friends and fellow beings. And in this anti-seclusion movement, electronic communication has offered an unwavering support. Herein lies a significant positive outcome of the world-wide pandemic. Electronic communication was already there from the last few decades. However, it was never this strong. The pandemic challenge has assisted digital communication to attain unprecedented height and flawless efficiency. Various new career aspects and employment opportunities have opened up based on this. Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc and official communication platforms such as Google mails, Microsoft, Outlook etc. are principally governed by efficient computer programming. These days such soft communication happens to be the only fuel that has kept the world running. Therefore, programming skills are being sought after. Huge man power is required to meet such growing demand. This has opened up new horizons of employment for programmers and engineers. Besides, though physical fabrication of electronic devices and subsequent equipment in labs may be suffering a bit, yet simulation based research is on a boom. Software development ideas are widely welcome by the companies. Creating sources of employment for talented engineers who can think out of the box. Such wide acceptance and necessity are encouraging people to actually implement software start-ups.

There are other new positive aspects as well. On-line courses are steadily gaining popularity. In developing countries like India, many students are not able to access renowned institutes and universities in person. But on-line courses are offering them wonderful opportunities to actually be a part of those institutions and learn from them. And this has been possible because of this pandemic crisis. Otherwise our society has never heartily accepted on-line education despite of its huge potential.

The other important positive aspect of Covid pandemic and subsequent lock down is the healing of Mother Earth. Reduced plying of vehicles,  no industrial waste, no mining of earth’s treasure and the temporarily frozen urban civilization have resulted in a purified atmosphere. There is no denying the fact that the air around us is more pure, the sky is clearer than ever, the water bodies are back to their pristine states. Yes, Mother Earth has recovered from the insufferable loss that this unreasonably fast paced urbanization has caused. We all hope that we have learned our lesson and would not repeat the same mistakes.

Moreover, forced isolation has made us realise the importance of acquaintance and personal company. We now know, how much we miss our friends and associates and how much we care for them. Last but not the least these lock down periods have successfully reminded us the glories of family time. Let’s care, let’s communicate, let’s support each other and let’s be human. The combined strength of mankind’s heartfelt emotion and brain stormed innovation will definitely overcome this pandemic crisis.

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