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Recent Career changes of B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Post-Pandemic World


Recent Career changes of B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Post-Pandemic World

So many other questions are in the mind of students, parents and teachers about the future of Electronics and Communication engineers, but that doesn’t mean it is frightful or uncertain. These are the commonly asked questions

  • What is the future of Electronics and Communication Engineering?
  • Will Electronics and Communication engineers get jobs after pandemic or will they require to get ready themselves with new skills?
  • Which courses are required for making a student job-ready?
  • How to achieve career goals as Electronics and Communication engineers after the post- Covid world?

In our digital economy, all of the students have to learn advance skills with high demands and apply these skills for getting a job. These transferable in-demand skills are so essential after post-pandemic.

New Career Opportunities in the post-Covid world:

After Covid-19 Electronics and Communication Engineering gives new opportunities for career to their Engineers. As our all the essential services are now projected to a new dimension. We are moving towards online platforms instead of using offline for different needs during the pandemic. We are habituated in e-commerce (electronic commerce) for buying and selling of goods, or the transferring of funds using online platforms and there is a huge scope for getting jobs. The students who are studying in Electronics and Communication Engineering, they will find jobs in e-commerce by making themselves to ready with proper skill sets. There are several recruiters like Amazon, Paytm, Google etc. which provide jobs for expanding their e-commerce business.

We are now familiarized with OTT (Over The Top) services instead of going to multiplex or cinema hall. This OTT service needs streaming of data that delivers content of information over the internet that needs the use of Electronics and Communication. This OTT service gives another job opportunity. Companies link Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Zee5 etc are ready to give chance to work with them.

Our needs of Biomedical electronics are more predominant due to this pandemic situation. We have to design more biomedical instruments and devices for our survival purpose in the healthcare system. There will be a huge scope for getting job in place post-pandemic, especially in the area of handling of biomedical systems.

During covid world, robots are used to perform medical assistance in a super speciality hospital and used for transport of medicines and other essential utensils in many countries. As our younger generation is more tech-savvy they are preferred this new branch ECE with specialization Robotics. In this area AI (Artificial Intelligence), Deep Learning and ML (Machine Learning) are required for developing advanced robotic systems which reduce the amount of labour, production costs and manufacturing time.

Unique Aspects and strength of this program:

With the emerging rise in the nanoelectronics industry, our processing speed increases from Intel Pentium P5 processor to recent core i9 processor. These nanotechnology-related industries for making smartwatch, laptops and smartphones which gives good career opportunities for Electronics and Communication engineers.

IoT and Embedded System is another branch of Electronics and Communication Engineering in which Embedded system developers can design an embedded system such as smart refrigerators, printers, micro-ovens etc. Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, HCL Technologies, TCS, Wipro, L&T, Infosys, Toshiba etc. all of these companies recruit embedded software engineers. IoT offers jobs which are Industry 4.0. IoT systems consist of intelligent devices which are Internet-enabled and use embedded systems. IoT systems collect the information and process, analyse and share the data. Smart homes are built using IoT technology with smart electronics appliances like a smart refrigerator, AC, TV, micro-oven and washing machine which are controlled remotely using smartphones. In healthcare, IoT can play an important role in closely monitoring patients using inventory management of IoT based medical devices and pharmaceuticals. With the ever-increasing need for contactless technology and services, IoT along with robotics delivers essential commodities.

5G network will become widely accessible in the near future which will provide many jobs, 22 million globally by 2035 (according to IHS Markit) for Electronics and Communication Engineers. China, U.S., Japan, South Korea and the U.K. are already starting their works for 5G which provides them higher data transfer rates, lower latency, high throughput and greater data capacity. Using 5G 3-D holographic calls will be possible. Job opening in Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) will become more familiar in near future in the post-pandemic world which is implemented using 5G.

One can see that electronics are a part of our daily day life and this is a blessing for Electronics and Communication engineers, as it opens up endless opportunities for them from electronics and communication systems manufacturing to embedded industries. The only thing that one requires to do is to choose the right place to study which will determine the future goals. In a nutshell, B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering will provide huge career opportunities in the post-pandemic world.

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