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Why Choosing a Career Path in B.Tech Civil Engineering with Specialization in Smart Infrastructure Management?

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Why Choosing a Career Path in B.Tech Civil Engineering with Specialization in Smart Infrastructure Management?

Among the various discipline of Engineering, Civil Engineering is the oldest one. It is considered as the incubator for all growing generation students aspiring to take challenges to become the superior in their career path and cultivate themselves inside the incubator under the surveillance of highly fanatical and enthusiastic team. If Civil Engineering is all about infrastructure then this course is about applications of latest technologies and facts for the smart exposition of infrastructure. This degree will embellish a student with innovative ideas to resolve real life problems in the field of Civil Engineering, expertise to propose and design complex structures and pioneer mentality to pursue research activities

In the first year, in order to reinforce the base of engineering and communication skill, students will undergo through all science-based subjects and communication expertise development labs. In the second and third year of the program, all core subjects will be covered with industrial appetite. From 3rd year, student will also have opportunity to prefer elective subjects to follow their own field of interest. Beside of this vanilla course, keeping in mind the future perspective of Global practices, specialization courses related to Smart Infrastructure Management is offering to the students from 3rd year onwards. Students can explore the concept of smart technologies to cope up with real life challenges like rapid urbanization, climate change etc. In order to strengthen the conceptual, analytical and problem-solving ability of the students, online platforms, case study and role play methodology and class-based discussions are incorporated with this program. In addition of these, seminars by proficient speakers from foremost industry and academician from globally alleged institutions, workshops, conferences, tech-quiz events are planned to offer the essence of present day construction practices and researches to execute industry requirements.

Strength of the Program:

This program have designed by the Department of Civil Engineering by observing the current day’s scenario and advanced demand in the sector of construction and infrastructure. As said earlier, this specialized program is offering 5 specialization courses, 3 specialization labs and one specialization viva voce, total 25 credits extra outside of normal B.Tech program (163 credits). Brief about all the specialization courses are as follows:

  1. Rural and Urban Planning: This course explores significant substantive areas and concepts in the ground of urban and regional planning and current urban planning and policy issues and debates. It includes design, administration, and analysis of a survey and focuses in the ideology, conceptual models, accounting frameworks, appropriate technologies, and this course is a indicator of planning for sustainability, Central and local policies, plans, and best practices in various countries and settings are covered.
  2. Intelligent Waste Management: This course includes all the essential techniques to diminish pointless expenses that occur due to operational inefficiencies in collection and treatment of waste materials. Generally it is challenging task to collect urban wastes. It needs a considerable amount of resources indeed. By this course students will aware about scarcely used technological innovations to improve operational efficiencies implemented by Waste management companies and municipalities.
  3. Smart Materials and Infrastructures: Smart Material and Infrastructure covers the proposal of smart materials, structures, measuring practices for obtaining numerous engineering properties of materials. This course also embraces the study of a range of sensors and relevance of this technology as well as the perception of various actuators and related materials with procedures, signal dispensation and control systems.
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Infrastructure: This course is planned to give an overview of the area, as well as some imperative soft computing techniques which are indispensable to solve the complex problems in the domain of construction and infrastructure in terms of the fundamentals.
  5. Intelligent Transportation System: This course recommends an immense prospective in improving transportation services. Basically it is a multi-disciplinary course that covers Information and Communication Technology (ICT), development in infrastructure, vehicular technological aspects, data processing and computations. It is also comprises of traffic supply-demand management, mobility choices, modelling of fares and revenue, project management, policies and regulations prescribed by Governmental Agencies etc.

Probable Learning Outcomes from this Program:

At the completion of this particular program all the students/participants will be able to:

  • Showcase their technical skills to become proficient in the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Build up strong intra-personal efficiency to direct a team with principled and sustainable solutions.
  • Design complex engineering structures and system components to convene all the expected needs with suitable considerations for public health and safety.
  • Step into the zone of research and development by implementing innovative ideas in respective domain.
  • Become expert in smart infrastructure solutions, pioneer in specialized domain by implementing sophisticated technological and problem solving tools.
  • Show the dedication towards society in several aspects related to public policies for health, safety and sustainability.

Career Opportunities:

Civil engineering is well known for the job in construction and infrastructure development industries. Specialization program under this discipline not only open the opportunity in various sectors but it also guide a student in choosing their career path in the domain of research activities. Entrepreneurship is also an option for the students to initiate a new start up in construction business. Concept of Rural and Urban Development Planning, Waste management learning, use of smart materials and Artificial Intelligence in infrastructure development activities and last but not the least Intelligent Transportation System provides immense knowledge in all the specialized areas of Civil Engineering and this will help the candidates a lot in their professional life.

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