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The New Normal Era of Teaching-Learning


The New Normal Era of Teaching-Learning

The year-long global pandemic forced us to accept the new normal. We all are now adapting ourselves to the changing socio-economic environment. But the process is not yet done. As academicians, we also had to face challenges. In fact, initially, every change has to face challenges. For students also, it was quite difficult to accept the challenge of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based learning. However, this ICT based learning played an anchor role for the students to get uninterrupted learning. Due to the phase-wise lockdown and absence of traditional chalk and talk method of learning in the educational institutions, initially, it was difficult for the students to accept this ICT based learning.

To overcome this situation, Adamas University, the best private university in the Eastern India, has immediately introduced MS-Teams as a tool of ICT based learning for uninterrupted teaching and learning process. MS-Teams is a digital platform where students and teachers can connect themselves from anywhere any time to exchange their thoughts, ideas, views etc. by forming a group. Moreover, they can also exchange their documents, study materials, assignments etc. by using this teaching-learning platform. Gradually, the students have overcome the situation and accepted the new normal of the ICT based learning.

Apart from that, Adamas University has also introduced a plan for every faculty member to maintain individual Course Files. It will be really helpful for the students as well as the teachers. From this, students can now able to understand the purpose of the study of a specific course, what will be their knowledge addition from that course, what will be the pattern of the questions, previous year’s question papers as sample, lecture notes on different sub-topics etc. Apart from these information, teachers are also keeping track of the progress of each student through continuous assessments like quizzes, assignments, class tests etc. Accordingly faculty members also conducted remedial classes, arranged special lectures for the slow learners as remedial measures. Faculty members are also keeping records of different categories of answer scripts as sample documents for the students.

As a tool of continuous development in the teaching-learning methodology, Adamas University has implemented an Outcome-Based Education (OBE) system replacing the conventional system. Under this system, every programme and course is designed in such a way that it can fulfil certain objectives to attain its specific outcome. This teaching-learning system completely focuses on the achievement of the students so it is very much flexible in terms of mode of instructions, evaluations and assessments.  Students’ involvement is very high in the entire procedure of this system. This OBE system introduced more clarity in the purpose of the study of specific programme or course.

So, in this road of the new normal era of teaching-learning, our Adamas University, to continue the uninterrupted teaching-learning, has extended its full support to its students and also to the faculty community on its way to “Pursue Excellence”.

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