#AU4CHANGE: Why ADAMAS? Because it cares!!! | Adamas University

#AU4CHANGE: Why ADAMAS? Because it cares!!!


#AU4CHANGE: Why ADAMAS? Because it cares!!!

  • Do you like to study in an organization where faculties know how to stand beside students and guide them in Lockdown?
  • Do you like to study when someone personally taking care of you as an e-mentor?
  • Do you like to study in an environment where between classes you can enjoy some greenery?

 If the answers to these questions are yes then for ADAMAS UNIVERSITY is waiting for you.

An unseen uncertainty entered in the many aspects of national and global society, including education. It’s still a problem for many educational organizations that how the rapid conversion of most instruction to an online platform or how to handle students in an online mode of education? Even now due to the second wave of COVID-19 organizations facing problem in choices that balance health issues along with in-person learning against the educational requires of students, which may be better served when students are in their physical classes. Especially in different lab based courses in all levels undergraduate and postgraduate students have been affected significantly due to suspended experiments for long time which causing extreme stress to the students by thinking how to cope up with this loss when in future they will enter in to the job market. The use of blended learning followed in Adamas University keeping it ahead of others. Blended learning process is a combination of offline and online instruction. By differed from hybrid learning techniques it uses online instruction to complement or supplement traditional face-to-face instruction, without replacing it. It mostly consists of online interaction via asking questionnaire, student faculty-collaborative project work, presentation, virtual lab etc. Through above mentioned ways a faculty using blended learning might schedule both days for face-to-face instruction (When situation improves) and assign students to engage an online forum post outside of class time. More over use of virtual lab make lot difference to lab oriented course. Virtual labs are simulated learning environments that allow students to complete laboratory experiments online and explore concepts and theories without stepping into a physical science laboratory. Students can try out lab techniques for the first time and become more familiar with different lab equipment that might otherwise be inaccessible. Through interactive videos and animations, students can explore the practical experiments in virtual mode.

Mentoring is one of the most crucial aspects in higher education. Good mentorship provides guide line to lots of issues. Students often come from diverse backgrounds, varying by class, nationality, sexuality, race, gender and gender identity, and many other factors. Mentors help to alleviate stress and reflect the specific identities and needs of their various students. Our esteemed faculty members recognize the resources, backgrounds and understood the need of their students, rather than assuming that students are all the same and have all of the resources they need. Faculty members always provide a clear advice about the way forward, without giving either too little or too much detail. Through true mentorship our faculties help students to recognize differences and feel that they belong in their institution and their program also matters.

 It was reported that there is a huge contribution between green space and academic performance to each other. Green space can promote performance.  Multi-level analyses experiments already reported that students showed better preference ratings to the indoor spaces with a nature poster, a green wall, or a green wall plus interior plants with respect to the standard designs and the designs with the colourful posters. Demographic characteristics cant modify the preference and perceived restoration likelihood however students having strong connectedness to nature rated preference and perceived restoration likelihood overall higher than students with weak connectedness to nature. As Adamas University host a sprawling green campus extending over 100 acres these advantages can only be possible here.

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