Advertisements are such a way that it is able to hold the attention of the audiences on both ways; positive and negative. The advertisements are very powerful medium which is prevalent to us everywhere. The
What Exactly Is Copywriting? What exactly is copywriting? If we are to deconstruct the term, we shall find that it is one of the most creative writing genres. The Oxford Dictionary describes a copywriter as
Social media for advertising
by Sayak Pal
on June 17, 2020
COVID-19 has severe effects almost on the entire human establishment leaving few minor areas with minimum damages. The damages are not only on physical health but this virus has also affected the cognitive health of
Adamas University
When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from the Harvard University campus back in 2004, the platform was merely used for inter-campus communication among the students, and their ware very few who guessed about the magnanimity of
Introduction   Advertising is the art of conveying creative messages to audiences. In other words, we can say it’s a paid information blended with innovative ideas to influence the customers with strategic planning. To add on