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Emerging Features and Diversity of Food Technology

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Emerging Features and Diversity of Food Technology

When it comes to food, tech isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, technology over the years has changed how we produce and find our food through applications, robotics, data and processing techniques. Food Technology is an emerging discipline that merges into various other disciplines like food chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, food engineering and nutrition for its subject matter. Rapid urbanization around the world and lifestyle changes has led to tremendous growth in this field. Food technology refers to the utilization of food science to select, protect, handle, pack, transport and use of safe food. Food science refers to the examination of the physical, biological, and manufactured beauty care products of food, the purposes behind food debilitating, and the thoughts principal to food planning.  

Food researchers and technologists apply logical controls including science, designing, microbiology and nourishment to the investigation of food to improve the security, sustenance, healthiness and accessibility of food. The use of food science helps in assembling protected, healthy and nutritious food items. The investigation of food technology is to grow new techniques and frameworks for keeping food items protected and safe from characteristic damages like microorganisms and other miniature life forms. Food preparation helps in safeguarding improves the flavor and decreases the poisons in the food item which brings about better distributional effectiveness and simple advertising of the food item. The cutting-edge food handling methods like spray drying, freeze drying and introduction of artificial colorants, sweeteners and preservations, are the way to prospering grocery stores we have today. Numerous items like dried moment soups reconstituted products of the soil, and self-preparing suppers were created for the accommodation of working individuals. The food handling businesses are associated with cycles like primary and secondary processing, quality management, preservation, packaging, and labeling of a variety of products such as confectionery products, dairy products, fruit & vegetable products, fish products, meat & poultry products and food grains. Contingent upon their space of specialization, food researchers may create approaches to measure, protect, bundle or potentially store food as indicated by industry and government determinations and guidelines. 

Food technology is the biggest business across the globe, so various government and private open positions in the country. The market for food science and its branch has developed by more than 10% in the previous decade. It covers a wide range of the division from Exploration to promoting and fund, which makes you flexible, multidisciplinary and subjective individual. It opens up a chance for a decent compensation bundle in the wake of placing in long periods of involvement.  


Students seeking to fabricate a profession in the field of food technology ought to have an interest in food science technical skills, awareness of the consumer market, analytical mind, practical skills, organizational skills, problem-solving skills, research skills, observation skills, health and nutrition, scientific approach, time management, ability to work with a variety of details.  

Students can choose to seek after a degree, certificate or doctorate program in food technology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. To seek after the course at undergraduate level, competitors should clear Class XII in Science stream with PCB or PCM combinations. 


Food Technologist is an extremely adaptable job in any industry in India as well as in overseas. Students can take up food technology occupations at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. While a four-year college education is adequate to function as a food technologist. A graduate degree gives applicants the necessary serious edge. Graduates or postgraduates in food innovation can take up positions in various areas such as hospitals, restaurants, food processing companies, catering establishments, soft drink manufacturing firms, spice, cereal, and rice mills, quality control organizations, food research laboratories and packaging industries. Students with a postgraduate degree can also secure jobs at places such as water conservation and research institutes, biotechnology and bioinformatics companies, and the pharmaceutical industry.   

The top reputed recruiters in the field of food technology are Godrej Industrial Limited, PepsiCo India Holdings, Coca-Cola India Limited, Britannia Industries Limited, MTR Foods Limited, Nestle India Private Limited, ITC Limited, Agro Tech Foods, Parle Products Private Limited, Perfetti India Limited, Amul, Hindustan Lever Limited, Cadbury India Limited, Milkfood, Dabur India Limited, Gits Food Products Private Limited, etc. 

This is the best occupation for a foodie and an individual who loves going all throughout the planet!!! 

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