COVID 19 scenario at present and us: After spending twenty-one days of lockdown we are currently at the brink of extending a restricted lifestyle for another fifteen days. Every day we are witnessing the assault
Student Contributors: Ms. SanchitaBaisya, (B.Sc Biotechnology, Sem- VI), Ms. Shrestha Sengupta (B.Tech Biotechnology, Sem- IV). With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December 2019, a devastating situation has arisen for the entire world. To
Let’s begin this piece of writing with a scene that occurs in a popular Bengali movie, Golpo Holeo Sotti (1966) directed by Tapan Sinha. The movie offers us a glimpse of a Bengali middle class
Student Contributor: Sayantan Bhattacharjee & Abhikhit Chatterjee. Not a single person would have believed that a small virus can create a pandemic that would force the world to lockdown at home. Over the last few