COVID 19 scenario at present and us: After spending twenty-one days of lockdown we are currently at the brink of extending a restricted lifestyle for another fifteen days. Every day we are witnessing the assault
Student Contributors: Ms. SanchitaBaisya, (B.Sc Biotechnology, Sem- VI), Ms. Shrestha Sengupta (B.Tech Biotechnology, Sem- IV). With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in December 2019, a devastating situation has arisen for the entire world. To
Let’s begin this piece of writing with a scene that occurs in a popular Bengali movie, Golpo Holeo Sotti (1966) directed by Tapan Sinha. The movie offers us a glimpse of a Bengali middle class
Student Contributor: Sayantan Bhattacharjee & Abhikhit Chatterjee. Not a single person would have believed that a small virus can create a pandemic that would force the world to lockdown at home. Over the last few
Emerging Features and Diversity of Food Technology
by Arpita Das and Kankana Banerjee
on June 29, 2021
When it comes to food, tech isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. However, technology over the years has changed how we produce and find our food through applications, robotics, data and processing